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Intelligent unmanned driving and convenient manual mode switching

Intelligent indoor positioning and navigation system, autonomous environment identification, path navigation, good human-computer interaction interface,Manual mode and automatic mode can be switched arbitrarily.

Both brush disc and roller brush

Sweeper W1  sweeps the floor through edge brush parts and roller brush parts. During operation, fine outlet water spray can reduce dust generated during cleaning; The brushes on both sides rotate inward to sweep the garbage to the middle; The roller brush rotates at high speed to push the garbage into the dustbin.

Basic data

  • Sweeping width
    1.55 m
  • Overall dimensions
    1.85x1.26x1.4 m
  • weight
    480 kg
  • Work efficiency
    5600 m²/h

Stable and reliable! Multiple security guarantees

It is equipped with multiple sensors such as front laser, 3D laser, depth vision, ultrasonic radar and collision sensor as standard device, 360 degree full angle pedestrian protection, automatic obstacle avoidance, stair detection function, anti fall,anti collision, easy to deal with people or obstacles in complex environment.

Automatic / manual switching

The sweeper W1 is equipped with the function of free switching between automatic mode and manual mode to meet the diverse needs of customers. When switching the manual mode, the anti-skid design of the steering wheel helps the user grasp better, and the foldable pedal meets the user’s manual driving and cleaning needs.

Outdoor robot

Sweeper W1 integrates sweeping, dust collection and ash reduction, meets the cleaning needs and intelligent management of large and medium-sized indoor and outdoor scenes such as industrial / smart parks, commercial squares, park scenic spots, parking lots, campuses, factory workshops, etc., and helps the intelligent upgrading of environmental sanitation in the park.

The appearance is made of engineering plastics, light and high-strength, with excellent weather resistance; The shell and exposed parts reach IP54 level, with high protection level; In order to prevent water storage on the surface of the machine, a guide trough is added on the surface to help the water flow down the surface of the machine quickly in case of rain, so as to avoid ponding outside the machine, etc.

Sweeper W1 can identify and clean common litter such as fallen leaves, peel paper scraps, mineral water bottles, milk tea cups, plastic bags, cigarette butts, cigarette boxes, napkins, etc.

Applicable ground: cement, asphalt, epoxy resin, rubble ground, plastic and other ground materials.

Overall dimensions (length × wide × High) 1.86×1.56×1.26 m
Maximum working efficiency 5600 m²/h
Sweeping width 1.55 m
Maximum endurance 5-7 h
Charging time 8-9 h
Battery (lithium battery) 48 V/240 Ah
Maximum air suction 1 m³/min
weight 480 kg
Sensor Configuration Lidar, depth vision, ultrasonic, tachograph, electronic anti-collision strip, 3D lidar
Charging mode Manual charging/automatic charging (optional)
Maximum speed 1 m/s
noise ≤72 dB
Gradient 12°
Maximum drawing area 1000000 m ²


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