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Scalable delivery solutions for multiple industries

Recommended application scenes: Shopping mall, station, office and production site
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Efficient sterilization, leaving no dead corners

The UVC Sterilizing Robot is carrying out autonomous mobile sterilization and antivirus on the surface of environmental objects and air. It uses six UV lamps with non ozone 254 nm wavelength. Non ozone makes the killing process safer, non-toxic and residue free.

Six light tubes are irradiated in an all-round way, the illumination power can reach 180W, 360 ° all-round disinfection, and the coverage radius can reach 6m.

Infrared human body sensing

360 ° all-round intelligent sensing, automatically turn off the light after sensing the human body, so as to avoid problems such as accidental injury to the skin by ultraviolet rays. If a moving object is sensed within 5 meters, the ultraviolet light will be automatically turned off.

Basic data

  • Weight
    47 kg
  • Overall dimensions
    54x36x149 cm
  • Endurance time
    2.5-3 h
  • Illumination power
    180 w

Intelligent patrol, circular anti-virus

The UVC Sterilizing Robot has autonomous navigation technology and moves independently. It can identify objects in the environment and achieve autonomous obstacle avoidance. It is equipped with disinfection management software to automatically calculate the disinfection time according to the space area.

Quantitative management of disinfection process, intelligent operation of robot in the whole process and separation of man and machine to ensure personnel safety.

Standard products

Charging pile


E1 can be mobile regional automatic disinfection in crowded places.

Man-machine separation, reduce human contact, effectively reduce the risk of infection.

Fully make up for the traditional fixed air disinfection machine, ultraviolet lamp, chemical fumigation.

Recommended scenarios: shopping malls, stations, offices, and production sites

The supplier cooperation attitude is very good, encountered various problems, always willing to cooperate with us, to us as the real God.
5 Stars By Joanne from Honduras - 2018.11.11 19:52
High production efficiency and good product quality, fast delivery and completed after-sale protection, a right choice, a best choice.
5 Stars By Ivy from Seychelles - 2017.06.29 18:55

E1 UVC Sterilizing Robot



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