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Recommended application scenarios: flat single-axis power station, distributed power station
  • Roof solar panels

    Roof solar panels

  • Ground solar panels

    Ground solar panels

System architecture

Decision-making layer: overall management and control of cleaning decision-making data fusion and resource sharing Scheduling layer: Task management status monitoring exception handling Core layer: data interaction, positioning, navigation and motion control Executive layer: component cleaning, robot handling, differential positioning, battery management, independent charging, wireless communication, micrometeorological safety protection, temperature monitoring

Basic data

  • Weight
    320 kg
  • component
    23 kg

System advantage

Fully autonomous operation day and night Flexible line spacing across Full type component adaptation Track construction without bridge


E rgate   security

1. Lightweight body, crawler chassis — reduces component surface pressure

2. Real-time deviation correction, redundant protection to the side — multiple anti-fall protection

3.Ten thousand cleaning experiments – no hidden crack component, no abnormal power


Application scenarios

Application scenario of flat single-axis power station

Carrier places Ergate robots on different photovoltaic arrays to clean them and then transfers the Ergate robots to the arrays to be cleaned. The system repeats the cleaning process until the entire station is cleaned.

Application scenario of distributed power station

Ergate is fully autonomous. By placing the robot on top of the module and starting it up, Ergate can clean itself and drop it off at the desired location. The work of the robot is not affected by the way the components are arranged, and a single device can complete the cleaning work of the whole rooftop power station. Its miniaturization, lightweight design characteristics, also makes the robot handling and transfer is very convenient.

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