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  • The unveiling ceremony of the Nanjing Competitiveness Center of iT-Robotics was successfully held
Release time:2019/08/23

The unveiling ceremony of the Nanjing Competitiveness Center of iT-Robotics was successfully held

On the morning of August 8, the opening ceremony of Hangzhou Taren Robotics Co., Ltd. Nanjing Competitiveness Center was successfully held in Nanjing Software Valley.

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The Nanjing Competitiveness Center is an expert platform for robots and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as well-known universities at home and abroad on robotics-related cutting-edge technology research. Technical research covers Deep learning, Edge Computing, Convoloutional Neural Networks and other fields. The establishment of the Nanjing Competitiveness Center will provide strong underlying technical support for other robots in the industry.

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“Artificial intelligence” is the core of a new round of industry transformation driving force, in recent years, robot which people keep up with the pace of the new situation, to strengthen contact with research institutes and universities both at home and abroad, through the use of advanced sensors, network communication and control system makes a great difference to the traditional equipment performance, function, intelligence work is developing rapidly. In order to further promote upgrading of the industry, the company decided to set up in nanjing competitive robot platform as a technology expert at the nanjing center, around the robot industry chain upstream and downstream products, carry out frontier development, testing, validation, common key technology makes the robot research and development of whole industry chain platform, core technology breakthrough robot, promoting university-industry cooperation, We will build a manufacturing innovation ecosystem that runs through the innovation, industrial and capital chains.

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