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  • The Obama Administration intends to invest $4 billion to boost driverless cars
Release time:2016/01/22

The Obama Administration intends to invest $4 billion to boost driverless cars

Autonomous driving is destined to become the next technological revolution that will change the world. Looking around, there are already big celebrities on this track.

The development and adoption of driverless vehicles is gaining the support of the U.S. federal government. U.S. Secretary of Transportation announced that U.S. President Barack Obama proposes to spend 4 billion U.S. dollars to promote driverless cars. The money will be allocated in 10 years and will mainly be used to support those who, in the real world, accelerate the development and adoption of driverless cars and connected vehicles Various pilot projects. The federal government will help formulate rules for driverless cars and establish a uniform framework that will be appropriate for each state.

Over the next six months, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will introduce driverless car safety rules that include establishing test and analysis programs to fully evaluate driverless cars.

The application of the unmanned driving technology platform in a broad sense in the industry requires the industry depth and resources of the industry team, and the industry team also needs such an enabling mechanism to eliminate the 0-1 technical threshold. This pair of combinations will accelerate the process of unmanned driving entering different vertical industries.

It is foreseeable that the fifth type of projects that originally developed unmanned driving technology in vertical industries such as logistics, warehousing, agriculture, and tourism will rethink the technology path and become an unmanned technology system integrator for vertical industries, and more off-site industries People may also enter this field to make more vertical and professional applications.

At present, the global driverless car industry has a good development trend, but there are few areas where mass production is put into use. Autonomous driving technology is developing with communication technology and new energy vehicle related technology. International leading institutions have completed the research and development of driverless cars and entered the stage of trial operation and commissioning. Most of the companies developing driverless cars in China are now in the experimental stage, which means the development of the industry is in its infancy.


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