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  • The IT-Robotics was invited to attend the annual conference of Shaanxi Cleaning and Cleaning Association
Release time:2021/12/13

The IT-Robotics was invited to attend the annual conference of Shaanxi Cleaning and Cleaning Association

On the afternoon of December 10, 2021, the 2021 Provincial/municipal Cleaning and Cleaning Association Care staff standardization evaluation and year-end summary commendation Conference hosted by Shaanxi Cleaning and Cleaning Association was successfully held in Xi ‘an Yirong Hotel. Municipal supervisors, leaders of labor unions and other units, industry elites from all walks of life and various news media attended the annual meeting to jointly witness this exciting moment. IT-Robotics were invited to attend the annual conference.

Shaanxi Cleaning and Cleaning Association was established in September 2014 with the approval of shaanxi Provincial Civil Affairs Department. With the purpose of “serving the industry, serving the government and serving enterprises”, the association assists relevant government departments in formulating relevant industrial policies, and organizes and carries out exchanges and cooperation with provincial and municipal cleaning industries as well as relevant institutions at home and abroad. The purpose of this annual meeting is to affirm the achievements of all members and member units in 2021.

The annual meeting was presided over by Secretary General Yan. Li Guanjun, executive Vice President of the Association (President of Xi ‘an Cleaning Service Industry Association), made an opening speech and welcomed the guests. Lei Yingjie, president of the Association, delivered the 2021 work report and 2022 work plan of the Association and shared the vision of future development.

Due to the epidemic, Pan Xin, general manager of Tahumanoid robot, was unable to go to the scene. Therefore, I would like to express my greetings and best wishes to all the guests of the conference hall through video. Since its inception, it has been committed to using commercial cleaning robots to serve the entire cleaning industry. Hope to use intelligent way, reduce the labor intensity and labor risk of industry employees.

At the meeting, Zhang Jinhua, vice president of Shaanxi Cleaning and Cleaning Association, introduced the development of other people and related products to the guests on behalf of other people.

During the conference, as one of the members of the association, it won the honorary title of “Friendly partner”.

With the development of science and technology, data-oriented and intelligent cleaning equipment has become a development trend. In the future,IT-Robotics will also help cleaning and cleaning industry, continuous transformation and upgrading, and work together for the development of cleaning and cleaning industry.

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