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  • Steady development, towards the future: iTR held the company’s mid-year summary meeting
Release time:2017/08/03

Steady development, towards the future: iTR held the company’s mid-year summary meeting

On July 24, 2017, iTR convened a mid-year wrap-up meeting with all its employees.

iTR held the company's mid-year summary meeting (2)

Heads of departments around the duties of this department and the beginning of the year to determine the work objectives, a concise summary of the work were summarized.

Pan Xin, the CEO of IT- Robot (iTR), Fully affirmed the achievements made by various departments in the first half of the year. In terms of intellectual property rights, the Company not only obtained several patents for inventions , but also successfully won the municipal high-tech enterprise certification. In the market area, intelligent driverless clean products became the pioneers in the domestic market and opened up overseas markets such as Singapore. Our company won several batches of overseas bulk product orders as well.

Pan Xin emphasize that the second half of the year need to focus on the following aspects:

First, to carry out iscrubbot 300 models optimized R & D and related core technology innovation;

The second is to enhance the user experience and enhance product interaction, so that products more diversified and better serve our customers;

The third is to speed up the construction and improvement of the intellectual property system so that the technology of the company can be better protected.

The Fourth, to further improve the supply chain, optimize the company’s product mass production process, open up market share.

In addition, the meeting also proposed to improve the equity incentive distribution system to promote talent mechanism, flying mechanism, not only to employees more corporate bonuses, but also for every employee to provide their own stage. For the company’s long-term development, internal staff can enjoy the right to apply for re-education, so that every employee has the opportunity to become the backbone of the company relies on the elite, so that companies and employees together to the future.

iTR held the company's mid-year summary meeting (1)

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