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  • Our company obtained “Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise Certificate”
Release time:2017/09/22

Our company obtained “Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise Certificate”

Recently, it Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou welcomes good news – it was identified as human robot high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou. The company has also received by the Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission awarded the “Hangzhou high-tech enterprises” that certificate, which officially entered the ranks of high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou.

This was rated as high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou, will further promote the company’s independent innovation, independent research and development process, but also a milestone in the history of the company. In the future, its human robot will continue to introduce high-quality personnel team to provide fundamental guarantee for independent innovation; pay more attention to independent innovation, intellectual property protection and enhance their core competitiveness; further enhance the company’s ability to innovate in technology and scientific and technological achievements into ability for enterprises Sustained, healthy and rapid development to provide strong technical support, is committed to building a world-class commercial practical robot brand.

Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise Certificate

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