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  • Large area scene cleaning optimal solution, IT- Robotics second generation of large commercial cleaning robot new 300 iteration upgrade
Release time:2022/08/05

Large area scene cleaning optimal solution, IT- Robotics second generation of large commercial cleaning robot new 300 iteration upgrade

It’s large-scale commercial cleaning robot 300, as an intelligent driverless floor washing vehicle with ultra-long battery life, has been favored by domestic and foreign markets since its launch in 2016. Recently, in order to meet the more diversified needs of the market, the robot has made a new appearance with the new 300, the second-generation product of large-scale commercial cleaning robots.

Compared with the first-generation products, it has been deeply optimized in the functions, battery life, appearance, and user experience of the second-generation products. As the second-generation product, the new 300 is specially designed for the cleaning needs of hard floors in indoor and outdoor commercial scenes. With functions such as floor washing, sewage suction, sterilization, and ash reduction, it is widely used in transportation hubs, parks, factories, large warehouses, underground garages and other scenarios.

Application scenarios

The overall appearance design is novel and fashionable technology

The manufacturing process of the new 300 is fully upgraded, and the brand-new exterior design continues the family characteristics of IT- Robotics products. The fuselage adopts black and white color matching, with crystal blue atmosphere lights, the overall sense of technology and recognition is more. This appearance upgrade, thanks to the special special-shaped water tank structure design, retains the advantages of the original large water tank, while greatly reducing the size, the body is more compact, and the operation is more flexible, which can solve the problem that the old 300 could not be equipped with passengers due to its large size. The pain point of the elevator system, the new 300 can easily and autonomously take the elevator, realize cross-floor operation, effectively replace the manpower to complete the ground cleaning of the entire building, and truly realize the “small” and different, “big” has inherent.


Technical configuration upgrade, safe, stable and reliable

The new 300 is equipped with 2d lidar, 3d lidar, ultrasonic, electronic anti-collision bar, depth vision and other sensors. The lidar has been upgraded from a single-line lidar with a detection distance of 20 meters and a detection angle of 180° to a detection distance of over 200 meters. The 3D lidar with an angle of 360° increases the sight distance by nearly 10 times, provides a wider field of vision, and easily perceives the environment.

When working, it can flexibly respond to static and dynamic obstacles in the environment, and respond in real time to ensure the safety of personnel to the greatest extent. After passing through the stairs and other areas with a risk of falling, through multi-sensor fusion, the stair environment can be independently detected to prevent falls and strictly ensure the safety of human and machine.
Fall-proof robot
Component optimization for more efficient cleaning
The cleaning ability of the cleaning robot is particularly important. Compared with the M2 Pro of the same series, the new 300 is more capable of cleaning tens of thousands of square meters of complex scenes. The 300 is equipped with two hard cleaning brush discs with a power of 400W each, and the speed of a single brush disc can reach 150 rpm for deep cleaning of the ground. The 550W high-power water suction motor can provide 18kPa strong suction, and the squeegee has also increased from 84cm to 101cm. It can be closely attached to the uneven ground during operation, easily sucking away ground stains and sewage, effectively avoiding secondary pollution.
Long battery life, 24 hours unattended
In terms of endurance, the new 300 has a 310L super capacity water tank, which is rare in the industry. When working in a large area, it can solve the trouble of frequent water adding. At the same time using 160AH super capacity lithium battery, a single battery life capacity of up to 6 hours, working area of more than 28800 square meters.
The optional water supply and drainage workstation can realize automatic replenishment of water, drainage, charging, etc., ensuring the operation time and bringing a convenient and efficient cleaning experience.
Intelligent unmanned driving, convenient switching of manual mode
The machine is equipped with an intelligent positioning and navigation system, which can autonomously recognize the environment for path navigation. Good human-computer interaction interface, with both automatic and manual driving functions, manual and automatic modes can be switched arbitrarily.
In the automatic mode, the robot can automatically perform cleaning work according to the task, effectively performing high-frequency cleaning for open and large areas.
In manual mode, targeted supplementary operations are performed by manually manipulating the robot. It is mainly used for cleaning dead corners that cannot be covered by robots or small areas that need to be cleaned temporarily.
The real technology is that you can’t feel its existence, the manual mode does not change the operating habits, and it is as flexible as the ordinary washing car, forming a supplement to special needs. In the automatic mode, the robot can automatically complete the operation by issuing instructions with one key or timing, which fully liberates manpower. The dual-mode combination truly makes people feel the beauty brought by technology, makes cleaning easier and simpler, and frees manpower to work with higher value.
Double-end control, intelligent cleaning
The new 300 is also equipped with an APP and a cloud platform, enabling managers to view the running status of the robot in real time, and visual data reports such as task scheduling, operation efficiency, and energy consumption, providing a scientific basis for analysis and decision-making. It not only solves the cleaning needs of multiple scenarios, but also greatly improves the work efficiency of operators and realizes digital management.
Behind the upgrade and iteration of the product, there is a lot of tempering, and countless wisdom and sweat are gathered. Behind every rain or shine, we go all out to help better experience and applications.
In 2022, Tiren Robot will continue to focus on customer needs, continue to carry out product upgrades, iterations and innovations, continue to deepen the field of commercial cleaning robots, and provide customers with more overall solutions for commercial robots.

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