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  • “Lack of core and less soul” also dare to brighten the sword
Release time:2018/04/27

“Lack of core and less soul” also dare to brighten the sword

Recently, ZTE was sanctioned by the United States. After the public outcry, more attention began to point to China’s chip market. It is true that more than 90% of China’s high-end chips come from imports, and the “self-sufficiency rate” in the chip field is even higher. Oil is still low; but it cannot be denied that the entire Chinese electronic information and Internet industry has achieved rapid development over the years. Although China is temporarily behind the world’s advanced level in chip research and development, this does not hinder Chinese companies from integrating technology and research and development. The iteration reaches or even surpasses Europe and the United States in the segmented field.

The field of intelligent cleaning robots is a subdivision that is likely to achieve “curve overtaking”. Compared with industrial robots, intelligent cleaning robots rely less on precision reducers, high-end servo motors, and controllers. Domestic devices can meet the requirements of most working conditions; at the same time, they are very sensitive to sensors, navigation algorithms, and application software. The requirements are higher. Sensors are the “mountain” that Chinese companies are vigorously conquering. It is believed that Chinese companies will soon be able to come up with a complete set of solutions that perfectly replace imported sensor systems; algorithms and software are areas that Chinese high-tech companies have always been good at.


Figure: The operation process of its robot’s iScrubbot300

As the earliest R&D team for unmanned floor scrubbers, since its establishment, Hangzhou Taren Robot Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of intelligent cleaning robot products with independent intellectual property rights and applied for a number of invention patents; the product line covers large, medium and small Unmanned floor scrubbers, unmanned floor sweepers, dust push robots, etc. Although some parts of these products are temporarily made from the United States and Germany, the core of the algorithm that the machine runs is the authentic Chinese brain, Chinese wisdom, and Chinese software. At present, its robot products have been stably operating in North America, Singapore and other countries and regions.


Picture: The iScrubbot300 of its human robot is running in a university in Singapore. The wall behind the robot is the Singapore government’s propaganda about “aging population”. China will face the same serious pressure of population aging in the future, and the emergence of intelligent robots can effectively alleviate the labor shortage caused by population aging. With the rapid intensification of structural contradictions in China’s human resources, the general trend of “machine substitution” in the cleaning and cleaning industry is inevitable.


Figure: The operation process of its robot’s iScrubbot300

It is reported that it will launch several new cleaning robots in the near future. With the localization of core sensors, core chips and other devices, the cost-effectiveness of the robot is expected to be further improved. The price of the basic version is expected to be tens of thousands of yuan, which is used in the industry. Willingness will increase rapidly.

Facing the temporary situation of “lack of cores and less souls”, China’s high-tech companies still have to work hard to grow, develop in their areas of expertise, and dare to shine.

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