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  • iTR successfully passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification
Release time:2017/09/08

iTR successfully passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification

iTR successfully access to the ISO9001 quality management system certification on August 24, 2017, marking our company has reached the international standard of quality management system. The successful access to the quality management system certification has laid a good foundation for the sustainable development of the Company and laid a solid foundation for providing high quality products and related technical services to customers.

ISO9001 is the most widely adopted quality management system standard in the world. It is not subject to the economic interests of both parties and is the passport for the quality evaluation and supervision of products and enterprises in various countries.

iTR obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, indicating that our company has reached international standards in the quality management system, with the ability to provide customers with the expected and satisfactory qualified products consistently and steadily. Customer is our priority, through the operation of the process of the system to meet customer requirements, even exceed customer requirements and customer satisfaction by continuously measuring, to obtain the true feelings of customers.

iTR obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, indicating that the product complies with national standards, industry standards and their supplementary technical requirements. Now when most of the foreign manufacturers and domestic enterprises in business negotiations, specifically for the supplier to pass ISO9001 certification.This time successfully passed the certification, for our company to obtain cross-border trade contracts, to win the recognition of foreign consumers play a positive role in promoting.

Quality first, customer priority. This is the consistent aim of product quality management for (iTR). Believe in the efforts of all staff, its human robot constantly learning, absorbing advanced management experience at home and abroad, we will be able to provide our clients with more and more high-quality products and services.

iTR successfully passed the ISO 9001 (1) iTR successfully passed the ISO 9001 (2)


Enterprises obtain the role of ISO9001 certification

 1. Strengthen quality management, improve business efficiency; enhance customer confidence and expand market share

The certification bodies responsible for the ISO9001 quality system certification are all authoritative agencies accredited by the national accreditation body. The examination of the quality system of the enterprises is very strict. In this way, within the enterprise, quality management can be carried out according to a rigorous and audited international standardized quality system to truly meet the requirements of law and science, greatly improving work efficiency and product qualification rate, and rapidly raising the economic benefits of the enterprise Social benefits. For the outside of the enterprise, when the customer learns that the supplier is managed according to the international standards and has obtained the ISO9001 quality system certification and has the strict examination and regular supervision of the certification body, he can be sure that the enterprise can stably produce qualified products and even Excellent products trustworthy enterprises, and thus assured the establishment of supply and marketing contracts with enterprises, expanding the market share of enterprises. It can be said that in these two areas have received immediate effect.

2. Obtaining a “passport” for international trade and eliminating barriers to international trade

In order to protect their own interests, many countries have set up various trade barriers, including tariff barriers and non-tariff barriers. Among them, non-tariff barriers are mainly technical barriers and technical barriers, which are mainly barriers to product quality certification and ISO9001 quality system certification. In particular, in the WTO, tariff barriers are excluded from each other and only technical barriers can be set up. Therefore, obtaining certification is the main way to eliminate trade barriers. (After China’s accession to the WTO, China has lost the strict distinction between domestic trade and international trade. All trade may encounter the above technical barriers and should be given high priority by the business community and prevented as soon as possible.)

3. Save the second party audit effort and costs

In modern trade practice, the second-party audit has been a practice and gradually finds its drawbacks. A supplier usually supplies many suppliers and the second-party audit will undoubtedly bring heavy burden to the supplier On the other hand, the demand side also has to pay a considerable fee. At the same time, it must also consider the experience and level of sending or hiring staff. Otherwise, the expenses will not reach the expected purpose. Only ISO9001 certification can eliminate such drawbacks. Because the first-party manufacturing enterprise applied for the third-party ISO9001 certification and obtained the certificate, many second parties do not need to review the first party. In this way, no matter for the first party or the second party can save a lot of energy or cost. What’s more, if the company obtained ISO9001 certification, and then apply for UL, CE and other product quality certification, also can exempt from the certification body to the enterprise quality assurance system duplication of certification costs.

4. In the product quality competition will always be invincible

The main means of international trade competition is price competition and quality competition. Since the method of selling at a low price not only sharply reduces profits, trade sanctions can also be imposed if it constitutes dumping. Therefore, the means of price competition are becoming more and more undesirable. Since the 1970s, quality competition has become the main means of competition in international trade. Many countries take the quality improvement requirements of imported goods as an important measure for restricting trade protectionism. The implementation of ISO9001 international standardization of quality management, we can steadily improve product quality so that enterprises in the product quality competition will always be invincible.

5. Effectively avoid product liability

Countries in the implementation of product quality law in practice, due to the complaints of product quality more frequently, the cause of the accident more complex, more and more rigorous accountability. In recent years, in particular, the developed countries are turning their original “negligence liability” into “strict liability” jurisprudence and raising the safety requirements for manufacturers a lot. For example, workers were harmed when operating a machine tool. According to the “strict liability” law, the court not only looked at the quality issues such as mechanical parts of the machine, but also had safety devices and warnings to the operator the device and so on. The court may determine that the machine tool is defective based on any one of the above problems, and the factory is liable to be liable for its consequences. However, according to the product liability law of each country, if the factory can provide ISO9001 quality management system certification, they can be deductible, otherwise, to lose and be subject to heavy penalties. With the perfection of the rule of law in our country, the business community should attach great importance to the Product Liability Law and prevent it as soon as possible.

6. Conducive to international economic cooperation and technology exchange

In accordance with the usual practice of international economic cooperation and technology exchange, both parties to a cooperation must have common language, common understanding and commonalities and norms in respect of the quality of products (including services) before they can cooperate and exchange information. ISO9001 quality system certification just provides such a trust, is conducive to the rapid agreement between the two sides.

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