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Release time:2023/10/24

iTR robot product details – M2 Pro

commercial cleaning robotM2pro(1)

The M2 Pro commercial cleaning robot belongs to the iTR robot iScrubbot series. It is a medium-sized cleaning robot that integrates floor washing, dirt suction, sterilization, disinfection, dust reduction and other daily cleaning and maintenance functions.

It can meet multiple needs such as automatic charging, automatic water filling and sewage discharge, independent elevator riding, and gate crossing.


Technological appearance, smooth body


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The fluorescent white glossy body has smooth lines and is equipped with a technological light bar, making it full of technology and cute.

1.0*0.84*1.2m overall size and 110kg weight. It can cope with complex indoor terrain and shuttle freely. Compared with traditional riding floor scrubbers, the M2 Pro has a moderate size and can freely shuttle through small spaces.


Intelligent selection, excellence and power


iTR is independently developed and produced, possessing the brand’s core technology and innovation capabilities, enabling intelligent cleaning in multiple scenarios and being unattended 7*24 hours a day, freeing up manpower.


Mobile APP real-time monitoring, full digital management


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Data such as battery power, clean water volume, sewage volume, and task progress can be viewed in real time on the device screen, mobile APP, and cloud platform to achieve digital management.


One-click switching between automatic mode/manual mode, high power and long battery life


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M2 Pro has both automatic driving and manual driving modes, which can be switched with one click according to needs.


Automatic mode, mainly for high-frequency cleaning of large open areas, independent charging and drainage. M2 Pro is equipped with a 120AH large-capacity lithium battery and a 117L water tank, providing double protection for long-term operation. The optional water supply and drainage workstation can realize automatic replenishment of water, drainage, charging, etc., and unlimited battery life. It can operate autonomously even if there is no one at night, truly realizing 7*24 unmanned operation and liberating manpower.
Manual mode, manually control the robot to perform targeted supplementary operations. Mainly for cleaning dead corners that cannot be covered by robots or small areas that need to be cleaned temporarily, staff can use manual mode to promote the machine and complete cleaning operations quickly, accurately and with high quality.


Multi-sensor fusion design, 360-degree environment perception, flexible obstacle avoidance


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M2 Pro is equipped with a variety of sensors such as lidar, ultrasonic, electronic anti-collision strips, and depth vision. It has a variety of flexible mechanisms to deal with obstacles. Whether it is a night working scene or a crowded place, it can intelligently identify and automatically avoid obstacles. Ensure human and machine safety to the greatest extent.


During the cleaning operation, if it encounters a sudden appearance of a person or obstacle, the robot can immediately stop the operation and give way to pedestrians.
If the obstacle always exists, the robot will choose to bypass the obstacle and continue the operation. On the premise of ensuring the safety of pedestrians and providing safety guarantee, the working efficiency of the robot is ensured.
Strictly control risk-prone areas for falls, independently detect fall-prone environments such as stairs, adjust work routes, and strictly ensure human and machine safety.



Simple operation, efficient cleaning


The overall design concept of M2 Pro focuses on reducing the burden of operation and maintenance, providing high-quality cleaning results, and making it convenient to use in various scenarios.


Equipped with an elevator system to easily achieve cross-floor operations


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M2 Pro can be equipped with an elevator system for autonomous elevator rides, making it easy to perform cross-floor operations. The entire work process requires no human intervention, which can effectively replace manpower and quickly complete the floor cleaning of the entire building.



Powerful effect, cleans without residue


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M2 Pro is equipped with two hard cleaning brush disks with a power of 200W each. The speed of a single brush disk can reach 200 rpm, providing more than 15KG of downforce for deep cleaning. High power + high speed + high intensity ensures cleaning effect and efficiency. The adaptive squeegee is close to the ground and leaves no residue of sewage. It is suitable for hard floors made of different materials such as ceramic tiles, marble, epoxy floors, terrazzo, and granite.


No need to disassemble, replace consumables in 30 seconds, more worry-free

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Replacing the cleaning robot’s consumable accessories will affect cleaning time and maintenance costs. Accessories such as the squeegee, rubber strips, and brush trays on the M2 Pro body can be disassembled without tools. Consumables can be replaced in 30 seconds, making it worry-free, easy to maintain, and easy to operate.


Covers a variety of scenarios to meet your cleaning needs


At present, M2 Pro has covered major companies, subways, schools, garages, hotels, supermarkets, factories and other places. More application scenarios are waiting for you to explore…


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In the future, TaRen Robot will continue to explore the field of cleaning in depth, meet the more diverse needs of the market, and create more comprehensive digital cleaning solutions.




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