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  • iTR Attending ISSA SHOW CANADA
Release time:2023/05/22



iT-Robotics attending ISSA SHOW CANADA
next month in June 14-15th ,We are ready to set out for Canada and participate in ISSA's cleaning exhibition in Canada again. This time, we have set a clearer goal for ourselves and are determined to further promote our excellent products.

In the future, we expect to use AI intelligence to help human work in more scenarios, especially in the security aspect,

so that robots can help human beings to complete dangerous work, which is efficient and does not require too much monitoring.

Our robots have a variety of functions to meet the diverse needs of our customers, from large outdoor cleaning robots

to small indoor cleaning robots. There's the M2 Pro, which can srubbing while vacuuming, and the imop, which can

sweep and mop and vacuuming 3 in one.

At ISSA Canada, iTR will demonstrate how its robots can streamline cleaning operations through automation. Visitors will see

robots cleaning floors in a replica dirty floor environment. iTR hopes to use this chance to explore partnerships and expansion

opportunities in the European market. "Robots have huge potential to transform the global cleaning industry,"

 "Our goal is to bring our innovative, cost-effective solutions to more businesses around the world.

iTR is poised to help more businesses gain a competitive advantage and improve efficiency, safety and sustainability through

intelligent automation. We are looking forward to connecting with ISSA Milano's European businesses to explore how robotic

cleaning solutions can boost their operations.


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