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  • IT-Robotics with E2 disinfection robot appeared in the 10th China (Wuhu) Science fair
Release time:2021/10/22

IT-Robotics with E2 disinfection robot appeared in the 10th China (Wuhu) Science fair

From October 22 to 24, the 10th China (Wuhu) Science and Technology Fair, co-sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology and Anhui Provincial Government and co-organized by Anhui Association for Science and Technology and Wuhu Municipal government, was held in Wuhu Livable International Expo Center. 235 exhibitors gathered together to bring the latest scientific science products to the public.

The Science and Technology Fair is one of the eight permanent exhibitions in Anhui province approved by the “Guoqing Group”. It has gone through 17 years of development from its establishment and cultivation to inheritance and innovation. The Science fair has become an authoritative and leading brand exhibition in China’s science popularization industry, playing a positive role in promoting the development of China’s science popularization industry, improving the scientific quality of the people and promoting the transformation and upgrading of local industries.

The theme of this year’s Science and Technology Expo is “Science and technology innovation and science popularization, Innovation and creation to win the future”, adhering to the main line of “cross-border integration, hot times”, centering on the two brands of “science and Technology China” and “science and Technology Innovation China”, it has set up “7+4+4″ key content, namely seven exhibitions, four thematic forums and four supporting activities.


In this exhibition, IT-Robotics with E2 spray disinfection robot in the scene for everyone to demonstrate.



E2 disinfection robot

In the post-epidemic period, disinfection and epidemic prevention in public places is still a regular measure that cannot be ignored. E2 spray disinfection robot can be widely used in places with large personnel flow and dense personnel. For example, factory buildings in the park, commercial complex, transportation hub, hotel office buildings, exhibition halls and other scenes.

E2, with the robot as the carrier, can sterilize the surface and air of indoor space in 360 degrees without dead Angle by diluting disinfection agents. It combines laser SLAM and V-SLAM technologies flexibly to achieve accurate map construction and positioning. According to the actual needs of users, the disinfection route can be independently planned to achieve automatic indoor unmanned driving. Through the robot disinfection, not only can reduce personnel contact, but also can improve the efficiency of disinfection, bring a safer disinfection experience .

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