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  • IT-Robotics were invited to participate in the 2021 functional low-speed unmanned vehicle industry technology development summit
Release time:2021/09/09

IT-Robotics were invited to participate in the 2021 functional low-speed unmanned vehicle industry technology development summit

On September 8, 2021, the “2021 Functional Low-speed Autonomous Vehicle Industry Technology Development Summit” co-sponsored by Shenzhen Pingshan District Development and Reform Bureau, Shenzhen Pingshan Investment Promotion Service Agency, and Shenzhen New Strategy Media Co., Ltd. Pingshan was held smoothly. 600+ domestic low-speed unmanned driving industry industry chain and terminal application enterprise elites gathered to discuss market applications and industrial development.


In order to further promote the application and development of functional low-speed unmanned vehicles, the “Low-speed Unmanned Driving Industry Alliance” was also formally announced at the meeting. As the co-sponsor and member unit of the alliance, IT-Robotics were invited to attend this meeting.



Picture: The 5th from the left is a group photo of other representatives on stage

With the theme of “Scenario Focus · Low-speed Intelligent Driving”, the summit released the “2021 China Heavy-Duty Mobile Robot (AGV) Industry Development Blue Book” around the commercial implementation of low-speed autonomous driving. At the same time, experts from various industries were invited to explain the current situation The successful application of human driving technology in ports, large factories, parks and other scenarios, and in-depth analysis of the innovative development of core technologies such as digital lidar, wire-controlled chassis, 4D imaging millimeter wave radar, new storage architecture, and high-precision maps.


In recent years, with the development of industrial intelligence, unmanned vehicles in functional parks in my country have also achieved rapid development, and are used in industrial parks, scenic spots, mining areas, ports, and other semi-enclosed scenes.

IT-Robotics always adhere to low-speed unmanned driving technology as the core, and are committed to the independent research and development, production and sales of intelligent service robots and related technical products. In terms of low-speed unmanned technology, it mainly relies on SLAM and navigation and positioning algorithm technology. Through this technology, the robot scans images with higher accuracy, more accurate positioning, and better operation efficiency, thereby helping different customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

IT-Robotics products have successfully adapted the SLAM navigation and positioning algorithm to the robot, and have done in-depth optimization of the navigation and positioning algorithm for many years.

In the future, other people will also pay more attention to the expansion of different application scenarios and the continuous optimization of the industrial chain, continuously improve the quality of service, continue to empower my country’s functional low-speed driverless driving, and realize the good wishes of industrial development.

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