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  • IT-Robotics welcome the 100th anniversary of the party’s founding
Release time:2021/07/13

IT-Robotics welcome the 100th anniversary of the party’s founding

July 1, 2021, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the party, review the glorious history and development of the party, enhance team cohesion and centripetal force, and create a healthy and positive corporate culture atmosphere. The other robot specially organized all employees to come to the company’s Jiaxing production base to carry out a series of team building activities of “seeing other people through party history”.

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Visit the park to learn about party history——

At the beginning of the team building activity, Mr. Zhang from Jiaxing Smart Industry Innovation Park led all the staff of other robots to visit the park to learn about the park’s brand building, development plan, industrial layout and honor reserves. Mr. Zhang introduced to us: Jiaxing Smart Industry Innovation Park is a high-level talent innovation park in the Yangtze River Delta, Zhejiang. It has a planned total area of 1 million square meters and a planned total investment of 3.5 billion yuan. Over 2 billion yuan. Among them, the six major industries in the park are: big data applications, software development, digital culture, electronic information, mobile internet and artificial intelligence.

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All employees came to the party building activity area of the park to visit. Coming to the birthplace of the Communist Party of China at the beginning, so that everyone can fully understand the history of the party, review the history of the party, and strengthen the spirit of the red boat. Afterwards, the representative of our party members stood in front of the party flag, swearing to read the party, took a group photo and ended the tour of the Smart Industry Innovation Park.

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Promote the construction of the cooperative team to break the ice——

The company’s steady rise requires the company and support of all employees. In order to enhance the cohesion of the company, the new and old employees can understand each other better and establish a good communication and cooperation relationship. The company has specially planned “Ice Breaking” so that all employees can easily participate in the game and integrate into the collective to understand each other better. “Icebreaker” is played in the game of “one less chair”. Everyone circled around the chair. When the host called to stop, the colleagues who were still standing were considered eliminated and went to the stage to introduce themselves.

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The game is in full swing, with a total of five rounds. The R&D assistant who introduced herself and was eliminated in the first round opened. She is hospitable and welcomes everyone to play in her hometown. So that in the following introduction, everyone in turn invited everyone to their hometown to play as guests, and the atmosphere was very relaxed and harmonious. The game progressed to the last round, and the sales and marketing colleagues were left to stick to the final victory. Everyone looked forward to it. Finally, the product manager of the marketing department won the final victory. “Breaking the ice” not only made everyone know each other, but also opened up the relationship between each other and made them happy.

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The unveiling ceremony of the manufacturing center——

The director of the Jiaxing Manufacturing Center led everyone to the gate of the factory to open an important part of today’s agenda, the unveiling ceremony of the Jiaxing Manufacturing Center. Afterwards, everyone gathered at the door to celebrate the inauguration of the Jiaxing Manufacturing Center. With the warm applause and strong support of “The Robots Jiaxing Manufacturing Center is inaugurated”, the factory director pulled down the fireworks, and the Robots Jiaxing Manufacturing Center was officially inaugurated.

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Corporate core culture training——

Corporate culture is the foundation of a company’s survival, its development to motivation, the code of conduct, and the core of its success. The company specially invites General Manager Pan to speak on stage and carry out company culture training for all employees. President Pan said to everyone: the origin of the other person, the journey of the other person, the value of the other person and the development of the other person. From the early founder team to the agency business, from the early wandering among industry customers to the birth of it, people decided to do R&D, manufacturing and production by themselves. The industry market has also gone from the early stage of the robot investment risk to the current human labor risk. The expansion of the work robot market, and then the impact of the new crown epidemic in the general environment. From its Deqing factory to the establishment of an Anhui company to establish a factory workshop, from its establishment of a Jiangsu company to establish a sales center to a Jiaxing company to establish a manufacturing center, the difficult long march developed rapidly. Finally, Mr. Pan proposed that other robots should adopt a scientific, rigorous, appreciable, and rational attitude to “serve others and achieve others” and at the same time achieve “service others and achieve others”.

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For the better implementation of all departments of the company and the improvement of higher-quality benefits for all employees, the company’s personnel manager conducts performance management training for all employees, and outputs the company’s performance guidelines and evaluation goals for employees. We emphatically pointed out that performance management is not only simple task management for managers and employees, but also requires continuous two-way communication between supervisors and employees to reach consensus. In addition, performance is also used as the basis for the company’s year-end bonus, salary distribution, job promotion and other benefits. The main training of this performance appraisal is the PBC principle, and the form of examples is used to tell employees how to standardize the filling, so that the company can get better management and distribution of various departments, and achieve effective training.

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Comprehensive training assessment inspection——

Its robot organized two training courses for its employees. The after-sales manager leads the old employees to participate in the field training and put into the application of the robot, and they are familiar with the standard operation of the robot. The personnel manager will lead the new employees to carry out induction training, so that the new employees can understand the company’s system and operation mode more quickly, and can be integrated into the large group more quickly. Finally, the form of teaching and explanation is adopted, and it has been verified that all employees in this training are qualified.

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Set goals and issue military orders——

Other robots need to continue to move forward on this road. In order to achieve the company’s development goals, the sales department and the R&D department have set up special department goals, and the general manager Pan will issue military orders to them and sign them to witness. They were full of confidence and said “just one word: do”. Finally, Mr. Pan took a group photo with colleagues from the R&D department and the sales department to witness this exciting moment.

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Birthday with the party——

It is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. In order to celebrate the birthday of the Chinese Communist Party, the robot organized a birthday party spontaneously to celebrate the birthday of all employees of the company’s third quarter birthday on this special day. At the “Birthday with the Party” birthday party, a total of 12 employees of our company celebrated their birthdays with the party and pulled up banners for a group photo. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed tea time together and spent this wonderful time together.

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The “Looking at other people through the party history” series of activities was successfully completed. On such a meaningful day as the party’s 100th anniversary, the group building activities organized by other robots came to a successful conclusion. This also won the support of all the company’s employees and the smart industry. The power of collaborative assistance in the innovation park.

Other robots believe that as long as they follow the country’s policy and take one step at a time, they will surely achieve a beautiful blueprint, achieve development goals, and welcome a better tomorrow! Here, the robot again wishes the 100th anniversary of the founding of the motherland! Wish the motherland more prosperous and prosperous! The country is rich and the people are strong!

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