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  • IT- Robotics product details hit! Unlock the Other person product Mystery -iTRMOP series
Release time:2022/04/15

IT- Robotics product details hit! Unlock the Other person product Mystery -iTRMOP series


IT- Robotics iTRMOP series – commercial sweeping and vacuuming robot product details coming! iTRmop is a daily cleaning and maintenance robot designed for indoor commercial scenarios, integrating sweeping, vacuuming and dust pushing. iTRmop is small in size and flexible in movement. It is compatible with floormaterials such as tiles, marble and terrazzo. It has been used in shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation hubs, hospitals and restaurants.

Application scenarios

Multisensor fusion
Strictly guarantee man-machine safety

iTRmop is equipped with a variety of sensors, including lidar, ultrasonic, electronic collision strip and depth vision, to flexibly respond to static and dynamic obstacles in the environment and respond in real time to ensure human safety to the greatest extent.

The iTRmop has a variety of flexible mechanisms to deal with obstacles, whether in a night work scenario or in a crowded location. In the process of cleaning, if there is a sudden person or obstacle, the robot can stop working and yield to pedestrians in the first time. If the obstacle always exists, the robot will choose to bypass the obstacle and continue to operate. On the premise of ensuring the safety of pedestrians and providing security guarantee, it does not affect the work efficiency of the robot.

Comity pedestrian

Through the stairs and other fall risk areas, through multi-sensor fusion, can autonomously detect the stairway environment, prevent falling, strictly guarantee man-machine safety.

Fall prevention

Acme welt
Efficient cleaning without dead Angle

Under the table, such as the corner corner has always been a big difficulty, clean iTRmop volume is small and powerful, with its original patent – could feed quadrilateral brush design, reduction in the guarantee of a small at the same time, with sweep width up to 0.96 meters, can be free in narrow area such as corridor, corridor, easy clean finish the task, do real clean without blind Angle.

Patent design

iTRmop is equipped with four-side brush and double-roller brush design. Combined with 240W large suction motor,iTRmop provides strong cleaning capability for machine operation, effectively cleaning paper towels, paper balls, cigarette butts, solid and liquid food residues (drinks, melon peel and fruit cores, snacks) and other garbage. Dust push to help remove stubborn dust, liquid stains on the ground, sweep, suck, drag three pronged, to ensure the maximum cleaning effect.

The suction is strong

Long life
24 hours unattended

Endurance is an important parameter for robot to replace manual effectively. The iTRmop is equipped with a 120AH high-capacity lithium battery and a high-capacity dust collector for up to six hours of endurance. Equipped with charging piles, the iTRmop can charge independently, effectively ensuring the working time. Even at night when there is no one, the robot can automatically start the cleaning tasks, such as the time and place of the robot operation, so as to get rid of time constraints.

Automatic recharge

In addition, the iTRmop can be equipped with a ladder system for autonomous ladder riding, making it easy to operate across floors. The whole work process is unattended, which can effectively replace manpower to complete the floor cleaning of the whole building.

Operators and managers can view real-time data such as power quantity and task progress on the device screen, mobile APP or even cloud platform to realize digital management.

Clean and disinfect simultaneously

iTRmop can realize sweeping, vacuuming and mopping functions in one. At the same time, the machine has two operation modes, normal mode and silent mode. Users can flexibly switch according to the degree of dirt and noise reduction requirements.

Sweep suck drag three in one

The iTRmop can also be equipped with an optional UV/spray disinfection module, which can be used for cleaning and disinfection at the same time to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Spray disinfectionSpray disinfection module

Uv disinfectionUltraviolet disinfection module

Detachable design
Easy to maintain

The maintenance of accessories is also related to the cleaning efficiency of the machine. The brush plate, dust push, dust collection box and other parts of the fuselage can be achieved without tool disassembly, saving worry and easy maintenance.

Dust collection box

Brush plate disassemblyRemovable brush plate

As a small product of IT- Robotics, iMOP can not only clean the floor, vacuum and push the dust, but also carry out disinfection, ensuring both cleaning and disinfection, providing a strong guarantee for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. In the future, humanoid robots will give full play to their technological advantages and make unremitting efforts to protect the cleanliness and safety of public places.

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