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  • IT- Robotics outdoor cleaning robot, “unmanned technology” empowers park sanitation
Release time:2022/07/29

IT- Robotics outdoor cleaning robot, “unmanned technology” empowers park sanitation

Helping the intelligent upgrade of park sanitation

With the advancement of the national smart city construction, cities have more and more functions and become more and more powerful. As an important part of the smart city, the smart park is gradually accelerating its intelligent construction, and the demand for sanitation is increasing. The manual cleaning mode has been difficult to meet the objective needs of social development. Therefore, the intelligent upgrade of park sanitation has become a very important part of helping the construction of smart parks.

W1 is specially designed for the cleaning needs of large indoor and outdoor commercial scenes, with functions such as sweeping, vacuuming, and ash reduction. With its excellent working ability and smart autonomous obstacle avoidance ability, it has been widely recognized by many customers, and has been used in parks, factories, park scenic spots, commercial plazas, parking lots and other scenes.

Functional and aesthetic

The W1 is made of engineering plastics. Thanks to the advanced manufacturing process, it has a very high degree of integration, light weight and high strength. After sophisticated industrial design, simple and smooth lines with domineering appearance, combined with unmanned navigation operation technology, it is a technological product with both function and aesthetics.

Outdoor Sweeping Robot

Precise intelligent software algorithm support

Compared with indoors, outdoor scenes are more complex and challenging. W1 is suitable for cement, asphalt, epoxy resin, rubble floor, plastic floor and other ground materials. It has strong power and can easily pass on garage slopes and speed bumps.

W1 Outdoor Sweeping Robot

In terms of environmental perception, W1 integrates various sensors such as lidar, depth camera, ultrasonic wave, GPS, etc., and has the ability to perceive the surrounding environment in multiple dimensions, flexibly respond to static and dynamic obstacles in the environment, and respond in real time to maximize protection. Human and machine safety.

Whether it is a night work scene or a crowded place, W1 has a variety of flexible mechanisms to deal with obstacles. During the cleaning operation, if it encounters a sudden person or obstacle, the robot can immediately stop the operation and yield to the pedestrian; if the obstacle always exists, the robot will choose to bypass the obstacle and continue the operation. On the premise of ensuring the safety of pedestrians and providing security, the work efficiency of the robot will not be affected.

W1 Outdoor Sweeping Robot

Component-driven smart cleaning Powerful cleaning, spraying and dust suppression

In medium and large public spaces, there are cleaning problems such as large area, high flow of people, and diverse garbage. If there are naturally occurring fallen leaves, as well as artificially discarded plastic packaging, cigarette butts, peels and paper scraps, etc., uninterrupted high-frequency cleaning is often required, and the low-frequency cleaning mode of traditional manual + cleaning equipment is difficult to meet the demand. On the other hand, W1 can set up timed tasks, and the number of cleanings in a day can be set as needed. It is not afraid of severe cold and heat, and it can automatically execute tasks at the point of time, and solve problems easily.

W1 has a super garbage handling capacity, which can clean various forms of garbage ranging from wood chips, cigarette butts, fallen leaves, as large as plastic bags and beverage bottles.

W1 Outdoor Sweeping Robot

In terms of cleaning principle, W1 cleans through the side brush part and the roller brush part. During operation, the pre-spray can effectively suppress the dust. The side brushes on both sides rotate inward to gather the garbage in the middle, and the roller brush rotates at high speed to push the garbage into the garbage bin. The specially designed four-side brushes can ensure the cleaning ability of the machine on the side of the road and effectively clean the edges of the road.

Four-sided brush

Efficient operation Dual-end intelligent management and control

In terms of cleaning efficiency, the maximum working efficiency of W1 can reach 5000-6000㎡/h, and it can run for up to 6-8 hours when fully charged. It can be worth the workload of 3 sanitation workers, which greatly improves the cleaning efficiency, reduces labor costs, and makes cleaning work more intelligent.

W1 is equipped with APP and cloud platform, enabling managers to view the running status of the robot in real time, and visual data reports such as task scheduling, operation efficiency, and energy consumption, providing scientific basis for analysis and decision-making. It not only solves the cleaning needs of the scene, but also greatly improves the work efficiency of operators and realizes digital management.

One key to switch manual mode 1+1>1

W1 is equipped with automatic mode\manual mode free switching function to meet the diverse needs of customers.

For large-area scenes, you can use the default automatic mode, set timed tasks as needed, and automatically start cleaning tasks at all times, saving worry and effort.

For scenes with special cleaning needs, the manual mode can be switched, the non-slip design of the steering wheel helps users to grasp better, and the foldable pedals are easy to stand. It is effective for cleaning dead corners that cannot be covered or small areas that need to be cleaned temporarily. Supplementary operations.

manual driving

Under the trend of continuously promoting the construction of smart parks, enterprises have introduced sweeping robots to help the intelligent upgrade of park sanitation, while reducing the burden and empowering enterprises. As a large-scale product of its robot product matrix, W1 actively promotes the construction of smart park sanitation, empowers park sanitation with technology, and continues to move towards efficient, information-based and intelligent development.

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