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  • IT-Robotics official website new online!
Release time:2021/11/12

IT-Robotics official website new online!

It robot official website with overseas version officially online!!

Focus on the needs of users at home and abroad

Further enhance the user experience

New interface with more functions

It’s official website www.it-robo.com/zh

Will bring you a new experience!

Click on the upper right corner to quickly switch to the overseas official website


The new interface visual experience is upgraded again

01 Seven functional modules are easy for users to find

The newly launched Humanoid official website shows the mission vision and three core concepts of IT-Robotics  intuitively on the home page.

Since IT-Robotics establishment, it has continuously accumulated and precipitated its own technology. Now we have fully mastered the whole chain technology core of low-speed unmanned driving from bottom algorithm to product engineering, and have fully independent intellectual property rights of relevant core technologies. The company adheres to independent research and development, production, is committed to launching multi-functional, diversified products to meet the different needs of users. In the future, IT-Robotics  will adhere to the concept of “serving others and achieving others”, and bring better service to everyone.

64012Website home page

Each module layout is more clear, through the seven functional modules, users can quickly find the content they need, through product introduction, application cases, service support, news and other aspects of a more comprehensive understanding of IT-Robotics.



Website home page

In addition, the homepage of the official website also adds an interactive area with users. By clicking the floating window on the right and the button at the bottom, you can get in touch with us for the first time.5

At the bottom of the website

Classified products have everything

02 Product Introduction The solution provides different functions

The product page is divided into two categories: products & solutions and core technologies.

According to the different product series, different functions, the product classification, easy for users to find.

The solutions involve different industries and fields, so that users can more intuitively understand the application and performance of products, and provide users with strong basis and decision-making reference.

Through the display of core technology, it is convenient for users to further understand the product advantages of IT-Robotics.



6The solution


The core technology

Rich case experience a variety of scenarios

03 Different cases to provide the best choice

Case page, the official website highlights the most representative cases.

Here, users can quickly understand the application scenarios of different products and choose the most suitable products for them.


Case page

A variety of service support to provide intimate protection

04 Multiple tools Provide related services

The official website attaches great importance to user experience, whether it is product manual or video teaching. A variety of services can quickly solve users’ questions and provide protection for users.


Service Support page

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