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Release time:2021/12/24

IT-Robotics | considerate after-sales, considerate service, let customers worry-free

How to do a good job of after-sales service? I believe this is the concern of every enterprise. It is a long-term process, which requires the continuous maintenance of after-sales staff to provide customers with the best solution in terms of understanding and use, so as to bring the greatest benefits to customers and get the recognition of customers.

So, how to do a good job after sale service?

At present, IT-Robotics has established a sound after-sales guarantee system and professional after-sales service guarantee team to provide customers with various guarantees, so that customers can understand the products, through the use of products to get more convenience. Adhere to quality service, so that customers get good service experience, is the ultimate goal of its people service.

Guarantee for customers: product quality warranty for one year, 8 hours response, 24 hours on-site service within the province, 48 hours on-site service outside the province, etc

Professional after-sales service guarantee team

01. Advantages of experiencing products on site

When the after-sales personnel deploy and debug the machine on site, they make the optimal path task according to the site. At the same time to show customers the advantages of the product, such as edge cleaning, obstacle avoidance function, water absorption effect and so on. Let customers see the advantages of product functions more intuitively.

02. Multiple services support

IT-Robotics provides a variety of services including user manual, APP download, FAQ and other tools, suitable for different needs of customers.

After the after-sales personnel deploy and debug the machine on site, they will conduct comprehensive operation training for customers. According to the trainer’s age, education level, use habits and other factors, choose the appropriate way to guide, and provide a variety of training materials, so that customers simply start, get better operation experience. Frequently asked questions, apps can quickly solve simple problems at the customer’s time.

User’s manual

Product use video tutorials


03. The cloud platform provides timely feedback on problems

In addition, through the cloud platform, after-sales staff can monitor every networked machine and understand the current operation of the machine. Find abnormal machine operation in time, take the initiative to contact customers for information. As soon as a problem is discovered, the customer can be assisted to solve the problem remotely.

Mentoring clients remotely

04. Make regular return visits to customers

At the same time, IT-Robotics after-sales staff will regularly visit customers by phone or wechat, and take the initiative to understand the current use of products, so that customers can feel the service enthusiasm of after-sales staff and feel that they are very concerned about the use of customers’ products at any time.

iTR after-sales staff are tuning the machine carefully

IT-Robotics hope that through good after-sales service, can let every customer experience, so as to recognize our service, win the favor of more customers.

Serve others, make iTR.

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