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  • IT-Robot (iTR) was awarded the “2016 Cleaning Equipment Technology Innovation Award”
Release time:2016/10/20

IT-Robot (iTR) was awarded the “2016 Cleaning Equipment Technology Innovation Award”

On October 17th-18th, the ceremony of “Clean Smile and 2016 China Cleaning Industry Brand Awards” was held in Shanghai. Pan Xin, the CEO of iTR, was invited to attend the award presentation ceremony. With the help of a new generation of intelligent driverless scrubber iscrubbot300 won the “Clean Equipment Science and Technology Innovation Award.”


Iscrubbot300 large intelligent driverless scrubbed car is an intelligent cleaning robot developed for large hard surface cleaning. It can create an environmental map through an advanced environment map recognition and construction program, Net and drag dry function, greatly improve the efficiency of cleaning, reduce labor intensity. With the advent of the aging population era, such innovations and practices play an active role in promoting the development of China’s clean industry and an important foundation for future smart, efficient and environment-friendly society.


Products recognized by veteran experts in the cleaning industry are a great encouragement and recognition for iTR, representing the urgent need of the cleaning industry for intelligent cleaning equipment. This is also a huge impetus for the future development of iTR.

As one of the most important aspects of this industry event, industry experts from industry organizations and international brands shared the current status of the development of the cleaning industry and the future direction of development. Hot words such as “big data”, “Internet of things”, “smart robot” and “cloud computing” have also become new focuses in the industry. The rapid development of the Internet and artificial intelligence provides a good opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the clean industry. Whether it is iscrubbot300 concern for the cleaning industry, or the future more intelligent robots in different areas of research and development, need to keep up with the development trend of the times in order to provide more advanced enterprise users with convenient products and services.


Background information: The 2016 Clean Industry Brand Gala was jointly sponsored by the PC Association and HC Clean Network. The Awards were upheld on the principle of fairness, fairness and openness. After nearly 3 months of application, WeChat voted List of qualifiers. More than 30 experts from a number of provinces and cities nationwide clean industry associations on the final list of final assessment, evaluation of award-winning enterprises.

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