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  • [Good news] IT-Robotics won the 7th Capek Technology Innovation Product Award
Release time:2021/09/15

[Good news] IT-Robotics won the 7th Capek Technology Innovation Product Award

On the morning of September 14, 2021, the 11th China International Robot Summit Forum and the 7th Capek Award Ceremony jointly hosted by the Department of Economics and Information Technology of Anhui Province, China Mechatronics Technology Application Association, and Wuhu Municipal People’s Government Wuhu grand opening. More than 600 top experts, corporate executives, and industry elites in the field of robotics and intelligent manufacturing attended the meeting to talk about innovation and seek the future together and witness the birth of the Capek Prize winner.


Relying on its technical patents and product development in the field of robotics, IT-Robotics have contributed to the technological innovation of China’s robotics industry. It has successfully stood out from the selection of the Capek Prize organizers and the jury and won the Nobel Prize in the robotics industry. Award”-Capek Annual Technology Innovation Product Award.


The Capek Prize was founded in 2014. It is named after the Czech science fiction writer “robot” creator Karel Capek (Karel Capek), and is hosted by the Capek Award Committee. The establishment of the award aims to reward organizations and individuals who have made contributions in the robotics field. It aims to create the most authoritative awards in the robotics industry and is committed to being a witness to the development of the robotics industry for life.

The Capek Prize is known as the “Nobel Prize” in the robotics industry and has developed into one of the most important awards in China’s robotics field. The ultimate purpose of the award is to set a benchmark for leading companies with strategic vision in the robotics industry, and to enhance the overall image of the corporate brand; to make a model promotion of innovative companies in the industry and to promote the overall innovation capability of the industry; Individuals who develop are rewarded to affirm their contributions to the development of the industry.


The award of this award affirms the strength of IT-Robotics in the field of robotics, further enhances IT-Robotics’s position in the industry, and expands its influence in the market.

In the future, IT-Robotics will continue to apply this affirmation to technological exploration, focus on continuous technological innovation in the field of robotics, promote product research and development, and work with industry partners to jointly promote the development of the industry.

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