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Release time:2016/01/22

Fancy Business Opportunities | “13th Five-Year” Development Key Words of Industrial Cleaning Industry: Innovation, Environmental Protection Standards

In recent years, the booming industrial cleaning industry in our country has markedly improved the overall technological level of the industry, greatly improved its equipment conditions, and has made a number of scientific and technological achievements, making a positive contribution to the development of the industrial field. However, there is still a big gap compared with developed countries. There is still a serious shortage in the development of science and technology support industries. The industry basic research and development of common technologies are weak. Product innovation and technological innovation are weak. Energy-saving and environment-friendly cleaning technologies and product development are relatively backward and can not support the development of the industry. A serious lack of industry standards, industry barriers to entry need to be improved. Therefore, innovation, environmental protection and standard setting should be the key words for the development of the industrial cleaning industry in the 13th Five-Year Plan.

According to the requirements of scientific and technological development in the industrial cleaning industry, during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the industrial cleaning industry should focus on improving the capability of independent innovation. Strengthen innovation in energy-saving and environment-friendly cleaning technologies and improve the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of resources; strengthen research and development of industrial technologies to significantly enhance the core competitiveness of key products; strengthen the integrated integration of various technologies and enhance the capability of providing scientific and technological services; and strengthen research and development of technologies and scientific and technological achievements Industrialization, R & D and engineering design combined to strengthen the “engineering development” and improve the technical development of the completeness and reliability.

Through innovation and development, during the “13th Five-Year Plan”, manual cleaning will gradually be replaced by high-tech equipment and some high-efficiency dedicated cleaning equipment will be promot.

In the field of tank cleaning, complete sets of equipment will be diverted from imports to localization; high-pressure, high pressure cleaning equipment will be diverted from imports to exports. As China’s cleaning equipment manufacturers technical level and the rapid improvement of equipment quality, the price advantage is more obvious, foreign-funded enterprises will start purchasing a large number of domestic cleaning equipment, a large number of quality and cheap Chinese-made cleaning equipment will be exported.

Vacuum cleaning and some new cleaning equipment and technology will begin mass production and application of some large-scale automated cleaning devices to enter the market. Emerging areas of cleaning technology and equipment such as electronics, automobiles, medical devices, optical components, alumina dissolution lines, etc. will be developed.

In the future, physical cleaning will become an important development direction of industrial cleaning technology. At present, high-pressure water jet cleaning, dry ice cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, PIG pipeline cleaning and laser cleaning technology have been put into practical application. Especially high-pressure water jet cleaning is accelerating the development trend. However, due to physical cleaning technology requires direct contact with the physical force of dirt to produce cleaning effect, the cleaning space cleaning range subject to certain restrictions. With everyone’s emphasis on energy saving and environmental protection, the research and application of physical cleaning technology will be more concerned about, with the rich physical cleaning equipment, physical cleaning applications will be wider and wider. The competent government departments and trade associations should step up their guidance and coordination on the formulation of important technical standards, promote the construction of technical, legal and technical standards and systems, and guide all aspects of production, learning and research to jointly promote the research, formulation and prioritization of important national technical standards. China Industrial Cleaning Association will soon establish an industrial cleaning standard system to speed up industrial cleaning preparation and revision of national standards, industry standards and norms, and comprehensively enhance the standardization of industrial cleaning industry.

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