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  • Details of IT- Robotics products – unlock the secrets of IT- Robotics products -iScrubbot series
Release time:2022/04/08

Details of IT- Robotics products – unlock the secrets of IT- Robotics products -iScrubbot series

IT- Robotics iScrubbot series – commercial cleaning robot M2 Pro product details coming! M2 Pro cleaning function is powerful, set to wash the ground, dirt absorption, sterilization, disinfection, ash and other daily cleaning and maintenance business functions in one, can realize automatic charging, automatic water sewage, autonomous ladder, brake machine and other multiple functions, excellent cleaning ability, has been widely recognized by customers.

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Compared with traditional driving floor washing machines, M2 Pro is small in size and can freely shuttle through narrow Spaces to complete cleaning tasks on floors made of different materials such as ceramic tile, marble, epoxy floor and terrazzo to meet the needs of floor cleaning in different scenes. At present, M2 Pro has been put into use in hotels, transportation hubs, factories, office buildings, garages and other scenarios.

application scenarios

Multisensor fusion
Strictly guarantee man-machine safety

M2 Pro is equipped with a variety of sensors such as laser radar, ultrasonic, electronic collision strip, depth vision, etc. It can flexibly respond to static and dynamic obstacles in the environment and respond in real time to ensure human safety to the greatest extent.

The M2 Pro has a variety of flexible mechanisms for dealing with obstacles, whether it’s a night work scenario or a crowded location. In the process of cleaning, if there is a sudden person or obstacle, the robot can stop working and yield to pedestrians in the first time. If the obstacle always exists, the robot will choose to bypass the obstacle and continue to operate. On the premise of ensuring the safety of pedestrians and providing security guarantee, it does not affect the work efficiency of the robot.

Comity pedestrian

Through the stairs and other fall risk areas, through multi-sensor fusion, can autonomously detect the stairway environment, prevent falling, strictly guarantee man-machine safety.


Efficient and clean
High power + high speed + high strength

The cleaning ability of the cleaning robot is particularly important. M2 Pro is equipped with two hard cleaning brushes with a power of 200W each. The speed of a single brush plate can reach 200 RPM, providing more than 15KG of downforce and deep cleaning. High power + high speed + high strength, to a great extent to ensure efficient ground cleaning.

M2 Pro1

Suction is the premise to ensure excellent cleaning effect, the body is equipped with 400W high power suction motor, can provide 18kPa strong suction, clever pipeline design can reduce suction loss, plus 84cm long adaptive design suction scraper, can be close to the uneven ground, easily absorb dirt and sewage on the ground, effectively avoid secondary pollution.

M2 Pro2

Long life
24 hours unattended

In the pursuit of cleaning function, endurance is an important parameter for robot to effectively replace manual. The M2 Pro is equipped with a 120AH high-capacity lithium battery and a 117L water tank, providing double protection for long-lasting operation. Optional water supply and drainage workstation to realize automatic supply of water, drainage, charging and so on, to ensure the working time. Even at night when there is no one, the cleaning tasks such as time and place of robot operation can be set as required, so as to get rid of time constraints.


At the same time, M2 Pro can be equipped with a ladder system, autonomous ladder riding, easy to achieve cross-floor operations. The whole work process is unattended, which can effectively replace manpower to complete the floor cleaning of the whole building.

Take the ladder system

Operators and managers can check the data of electric quantity, clean water quantity, sewage quantity and task progress in real time on the device screen, mobile APP or even cloud platform to realize digital management.

Switch manual mode with one key
1 = 1 + 1 > 1

M2 Pro has two modes of automatic driving and manual driving, which can be switched with one click according to actual needs.

Manual mode

Automatic mode refers to the robot automatically performs cleaning work according to the task, mainly for a large open area for high-frequency cleaning.

The manual mode refers to the manual control of the robot for targeted supplementary operations. Mainly aimed at the cleaning dead spots that cannot be covered by robots or small areas that need to be cleaned temporarily, the staff can implement the machine in manual mode to achieve the same rapid, accurate and high-quality cleaning as ordinary cleaning machines, so as to perfectly replace traditional cleaning equipment.

M2 Pro3

Replace consumables for 30s
Easy to maintain

The maintenance of cleaning robot accessories is also related to the cleaning efficiency of the machine, the body of water suction scraper, rubber strip, brush plate and other accessories can be achieved tool free disassembly, 30s can be replaced consumables, easy maintenance.

change accessorygif

At present, iScrubbot series has launched two products, the medium model M2 Pro, and the large cleaning robot 300 will be launched soon. Through the introduction of iScrubbot series products, IT- Robotics have helped many enterprises transform and upgrade to intelligent and digital cleaning. In the future, it will continue to explore the cleaning field, meet the market’s more diverse needs, and create a more comprehensive digital cleaning solution.

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