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Release time:2021/12/10

Brief introduction of commercial cleaning robot solution

Following on from “Who AM I?”, let’s move on to “where am I?”

M2 Pro, as an advanced and advanced commercial cleaning robot, is widely used in various scenarios.

Take the previous landing cases as an example, I was present in different scenes such as factories, hotels and parks. For example, taiji group factory in Chongqing, 5G Internet town in Wuxi, Shangri-La Hotel in Chengdu and Zhoushan and so on.

Taiji Group Factory

Wuxi 5G Internet Town

Shangri-la Hotel Chengdu

However, in the commercial scene, there are often large space, dirty, large passenger flow, cleaning personnel not timely cleaning and other problems, which are not easy to climb the hill in the technical level. These slopes, on the other hand, need the help of engineers.

For example, for large scenes, we provide 24V/120AH large capacity lithium battery, can provide 4 hours of long-term cleaning, the highest cleaning area of 7200 square meters, and 72L water tank, can help the machine to carry out a comprehensive ground cleaning.

In view of the dirt, we configure two hard cleaning brush plates with a power of 200 watts each. The speed of a single brush plate can reach 3000 times per minute. High power + high speed + high strength greatly ensure the efficient ground cleaning.

After cleaning, the fuselage has its own fine water flow, and the ground can be cleaned twice to help the machine clean + drag wash in one step.

Finally, the body has its own 400-watt high-power water absorption motor, which can provide a large suction force of 18kPa, and an extra-long arc suction scraper of 84cm, which can ensure that the sewage after the ground washing can be inhaled as much as possible. Thus, the beautiful illusion of “I am sweeping and mopping the floor today, but I can hardly see my water stains” is produced, giving users in the commercial scene the ultimate beautiful experience.


We have come up with a lot of flexible mechanisms for high passenger flow. For example, when a person or other obstacles suddenly appear in front of the machine when it is running, the machine will trigger the comity mode and stop the machine, which is convenient for pedestrians to pass first. If the obstacle always exists, the machine enters the active obstacle circumvention mode. When the machine circumvents the obstacle, it can start to continue the operation.


Finally, even in the cleaning staff after work, my body has the function of “task planning”, which can also control the robot to clean the ground at a fixed time, so as to achieve the effect of all-day cleaning.

From the micro point of view, I can replace part of the human resources, help the enterprise to clean better, improve work efficiency, improve cleaning quality, and also solve the problem of labor difficulties.

From a macro point of view, property, buildings, hotels and factories can be equipped with a cleaning robot, which can not only help enterprises optimize the property structure, but also improve the corporate image.

The wheel of The Times is rolling forward, while the employment of grass-roots cleaning personnel is becoming more and more difficult, digital and intelligent property cleaning and management has become the general trend. Under the requirements and support of the state and the government, the transformation of the cleaning industry has become a foregone conclusion, and commercial cleaning robots are the most important part of the cleaning scene.

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