Sales representative

Full time | Technology category
Shangcheng District, Hangzhou|Unlimited experience|Unlimited education|Full-time|Recruit 10 people

Job Responsibilities:

1. Familiar with and master the product knowledge and business operated by the company, and collect customer market project information through multiple channels;

2. Use relevant channels and resources to develop and establish good cooperative relations with customers;

3. Cooperate with development engineers to conduct technical exchanges with customers, promote the exchange of project intentions between the two parties, be responsible for business negotiation and negotiation, and promote the signing of project contracts;

4. Responsible for assisting project management personnel to communicate with customers during the project implementation phase.

Job Requirements:

1. Unlimited academic qualifications and majors;

2. Have a good customer base and excellent communication and adaptability;

3. Have a strong enterprising spirit and be good at exploring new marketing channels and ideas.

Salary range: 15000-30000 yuan/month;

Basic salary: 6000-8000 yuan/month;

Social insurance type: five social insurance and one housing fund;

Commission method: commission according to profit;

* Please send your resume to the mailbox: shiling@it

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