Market operation

Full time | Market
Shangcheng District, Hangzhou|1-3 years|Undergraduate|Full-time|Recruit 1 person

Job Responsibilities:

1. Based on strategy and textual expression ability, conduct overall planning of insight, presentation and dissemination of the entire brand marketing case;

2. Pay attention to the trend of innovation, and conduct professional exploration of creative tooling and content productization;

3. Integrate online and offline promotion content, and carry out brand marketing in an all-round and three-dimensional manner;

Job Requirements:

1. Possess strong strategic packaging and copywriting skills, strong communication skills, and efficient and quality execution capabilities;

2. Familiar with brand strategies and insights, and have independent creative output capabilities;

3. Possess the management ability of communication strategies and media channels, and have judgment on the effect of communication;

4. Strong curiosity and resistance to pressure, with considerable judgment;

* Please send your resume to the mailbox: shiling@it

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