International freight forwarding operator

Full time | Market
Shangcheng District, Hangzhou|1-3 years|Undergraduate|Full-time|Recruit 1 person

Job Responsibilities:

1. Familiar with the operation process of import and export freight, be responsible for related matters of the company’s import and export business, arrange customs declaration, etc.;

2. Responsible for the company’s order international freight, according to the order, responsible for sea/air booking and international logistics operations, responsible for contact booking freight transportation, customs clearance, bill of lading verification and a series of process matters;

3. Responsible for preparing sea/air transport documents and other related documents, and responsible for the declaration, sorting and filing of documents and related documents;

4. Responsible for tracking logistics, maintaining communication with customers, and tracking and confirming the follow-up affairs of goods arriving at the destination;

5. Responsible for handling various emergencies in the process of import and export of goods, promptly handle and report to the superior in time;

6. Responsible for entering business information into the company management system and completing business settlement work;

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, international logistics or related;

2. Familiar with the operation of the foreign trade delivery process, more than 2 years of work experience in the freight forwarding industry;

3. Familiar with the corresponding national laws and regulations, have a good knowledge of international freight, and be familiar with the operation process of import and export freight;

4. Have basic English skills, be familiar with document English, and be able to operate and use common office software proficiently;

5. Work proactively, have good communication and coordination skills, professionalism and teamwork spirit;

* Please send your resume to the mailbox: shiling@it

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