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Scalable delivery solutions for multiple industries

Recommended application scenarios: services such as ward delivery of medicines, room delivery, catering delivery, takeaway/courier delivery upstairs, etc.
  • Banquet


  • Hotel


  • Medical industry

    Medical industry

  • Office building

    Office building

  • Supermarket


Fully autonomous positioning and navigation

Multi-sensor fusion technology such as lidar + depth vision + machine vision realizes high-precision indoor navigation, and can move stably and freely in complex indoor environments for a long time.

System architecture

Multiple robots cooperate to unify cloud platform management, which is efficient and convenient.

Basic data

  • Weight
    50 kg
  • Battery life
    6-8 h
  • Charging time
    6-8 h


A. Intelligent voice interaction system, which accurately recognizes user instructions and quickly enters the working state;

B. Infrared physical sensing system detects the status of items such as trays and other items, and realizes fast and automatic return to the original path;

C. Based on the UI touch screen, realize smart start, stop, cancel, return and other actions;


Distribution robot is compact, flexible, efficient and intelligent, full sense of technology and other characteristics, can be high load, all-weather work; In the process of driving encountered obstacles such as human body, pets, can autonomously avoid obstacles driving. At present, delivery robots are widely used in ward delivery, room delivery, catering delivery, take-out/express delivery and other services. It is not only a good helper of distribution service, but also can reduce the labor cost of enterprises and relieve the problem of labor shortage. Under the epidemic situation, no cross contact can be reduced, safety is guaranteed and customer satisfaction can be improved.

It can be said that this is a best producer we encountered in China in this industry, we feel lucky to work with so excellent manufacturer.
5 Stars By Nelly from Barbados - 2017.06.16 18:23
The factory can meet continuously developing economic and market needs, so that their products are widely recognized and trusted, and that's why we chose this company.
5 Stars By Ray from Senegal - 2017.09.26 12:12



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