Scalable design

The patented retractable four-side brush design ensures that the body is small and exquisite, while the sweeping width is large, the welt sweeping effect is good, no sanitary corners are missed, and the passability in narrow spaces is excellent.

Cloud platform

Build a highly available and highly interactive IoT platform to quickly solve the problem of robot cross-regional configuration, debugging and abnormal reporting. Continuously enrich the connection, management, interconnection, maintenance and big data capabilities of IoT cloud devices, grasp the status of robots in real time, and realize the full life cycle management of global devices from access to maintenance. Collect and integrate robot data, continuously upgrade and optimize product systems, thereby improving product efficiency.

Big Data

The core of the whole chain technology from the underlying algorithm to the product engineering;
Independent research and development of the ITR_OS operating system, cross-hardware platform deployment, high flexibility, not limited to X86 architecture, support for domestic ARM chips, ensure computing power at the same time, reduce energy consumption by 80%, high data real-time performance, and faster response.

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