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  • Q:
    Can the cleaning robot completely eliminate manual intervention?

    Intelligent indoor positioning and navigation system, automatic obstacle avoidance protection. Fully automatic operation and easy operation. Good human-computer interaction interface, active obstacle avoidance and polite mode can be switched at will.

  • Q:
    How long is the battery life of the cleaning robot?

    The single battery life of the cleaning robot is 4~6 hours in the fully charged state, and the single battery life in the fully charged state of the cleaning robot is 4-8 hours. The human robot uses a lithium battery with high safety factor and durability in the industry to ensure the robot’s long-term working needs.

  • Q:
    What is the cost of using the cleaning robot?

    The capacity of the water tank is matched with the battery life, and the task will not be suspended due to the lack of water in the water tank or the insufficient battery power. The cleaning efficiency is 60% to 80% higher than that of the traditional cleaning.

  • Q:
    How long does the cleaning robot consume for consumables? How to replace it?

    According to the frequency of use and the material of the ground, the degree of wear and use period of consumables are also different. Under normal circumstances, the dust cloth is replaced every 3 months, the rubber strip is replaced every 3 months, the dust filter element is replaced every 3 months, and the brush plate 6 Replace once a month, and the squeegee every 3-5 months; the dust-pushing cloth, squeegee, rubber strip, brush plate and other wearing parts are designed for tool-free disassembly
    During robot operation

  • Q:
    Is the water volume of the cleaning robot adjustable?

    Can. The cleaning robot is equipped with a high-definition display to show the water capacity, which can be adjusted according to different needs and consumption.

  • Q:
    Can the cleaning robot be charged autonomously when the battery is low? The working mode after charging is to continue to complete the task or restart Start mission?

    The cleaning robot can be set to automatically charge the remaining power,

  • Q:
    How to deal with obstacles encountered by the cleaning robot during operation?

    Automatically avoid obstacles, intelligent obstacle avoidance algorithm, laser, 360-degree full-angle ultrasound, deep vision four-fold guarantee, effectively identify people and obstacles in the environment

  • Q:
    Is the traveling speed of the cleaning robot adjustable?

    Adjustable, the traveling speed of the cleaning robot is 0-3Km/h.

  • Q:
    How safe is the cleaning robot during operation?

    Equipped with a sensitive anti-pressure foot sensor, real-time detection of human feet, to prevent extreme situations, lowered heads or children deliberately stretch their feet; extreme situations, system downtime, or lasers, etc. too late to respond, touch the safety edge to stop the equipment from the physical level , Coupled with the fall prevention, strictly guarantee the safety of man and machine.

  • Q:
    Can the cleaning robot pass through a relatively small space?

    The cleaning robot has a small body and excellent space passability, which can cover most areas of the subway. It can identify glass, hollow iron horses, and one-meter noodles, and can pass through blind passages and electrical passage covers; iMop uses a patented retractable four-side brush design to ensure that the body is small and has a large sweeping width and excellent passability in narrow spaces.

  • Q:
    How to check the cleaning report of the robot?

    Log in to the robot management cloud platform to view and export the daily cleaning report of the robot.

  • Q:
    How about the robot's after-sales service and after-sales response speed?

    Product quality warranty for one year, 8-hour response, 24-hour on-site service in the province, 48-hour on-site service outside the province
    National after-sales telephone: +86-87032179

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