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Scalable delivery solutions for multiple industries

Recommended application scenes: Factory building, commercial complex, transportation hub, logistics warehouse, hotel, office building, medical institution, exhibition center, school, sports venue, underground parking lot
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One click start! Intelligent unmanned driving

Intelligent indoor positioning and navigation system, autonomous environment identification, path navigation, good human-computer interaction interface, and the manual mode and automatic mode can be switched arbitrarily.

Reduce staff and increase efficiency! Super ground cleaning power

The single operation area can reach 7200 square meters. If equipped with rear laser and workstation, unlimited endurance can be realized!

Basic data

  • Weight
    110 kg
  • Overall dimensions
    1.0×0.84×1.2 m
  • Water tank volume
    120 L
  • Work efficiency
    1800 ㎡/h

Stable and reliable! Multiple security guarantees

It is equipped with multiple sensing devices such as front laser, depth vision, ultrasonic radar and collision sensor as standard, 360 degree full angle pedestrian protection, automatic obstacle avoidance, stair detection function, anti fall, anti-collision, and easy to deal with people or obstacles in complex environment.

Optional products

Rear laser and automatic charging water supply and drainage workstation

Description of working mechanism:

M120 has 120AH large capacity battery and 120L large capacity water tank, which can ensure a single endurance of 4 hours without automatic supply. The operating area is more than 5000 square meters, and the cleaning efficiency is 60% to 80% higher than that of traditional manual cleaning.

M120 is an upgraded version of M80, with more comprehensive accessory functions and better use effect. It can also be upgraded to be equipped with fingerprint lock, with more standardized operation and manual mode switching with one button.

Usage Scenarios:

All kinds of floor: marble, granite, terrazzo, epoxy resin, tile, wood floor and so on

Various scenes: factory buildings, commercial complexes, transportation hubs, logistics warehouses, hotels, office buildings, medical institutions, exhibition centers, schools, sports venues, underground parking lots, etc

The factory technical staff not only have high level of technology, their English level is also very good, this is a great help to technology communication.
5 Stars By Philipppa from Indonesia - 2017.06.22 12:49
The customer service staff's answer is very meticulous, the most important is that the product quality is very good, and packaged carefully, shipped quickly!
5 Stars By Iris from Jordan - 2018.12.05 13:53



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