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Intelligent unmanned driving

Intelligent indoor positioning and navigation system, automatic obstacle avoidance protection. Fully automatic operation, easy operation. Good human-computer interaction interface, active obstacle avoidance and comity mode can be switched arbitrarily.

Multiple security guarantees

Laser, 360 degree full angle ultrasonic, depth vision, safety touchdown, fall prevention combined with intelligent obstacle avoidance algorithm, effectively identify people and obstacles in the environment and strictly ensure man-machine safety.

Basic data

  • Weight
    100 kg
  • Overall dimensions
    100x63x145 cm
  • Sweeping width
    0.5 m
  • Work efficiency
    1500 m²/h

Excellent cleaning effect

High power dust suction motor, large air volume and 500mm wide suction port to increase dust suction efficiency; High vacuum, 100L large capacity garbage can. Reduce the frequency of garbage dumping.


C3 Universal powerful dust suction robot is simple, fashionable and full of sense of technology. Adhering to its human-robot design concept of “user first”, the machine is easy for daily maintenance, and the key components are convenient to change the design. The body adopts flame retardant material, safe and reliable. High-power suction motor, large air volume, 500mm wide suction mouth, increase the efficiency of cleaning; Vacuum height, 100L large capacity garbage can, reduce the frequency of dumping garbage.

It can be widely used in carpet, marble floor tile, Mosaic, epoxy, terrazzo, emery and other floor materials. At the same time, it has multiple features such as intelligent unmanned driving, multiple safety protection, large suction, large capacity, and cloud data reporting.

The company leader recept us warmly, through a meticulous and thorough discussion, we signed a purchase order. Hope to cooperate smoothly
5 Stars By Tom from Costa Rica - 2017.04.08 14:55
Reasonable price, good attitude of consultation, finally we achieve a win-win situation,a happy cooperation!
5 Stars By Elvira from Mali - 2017.08.15 12:36



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