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  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency Other commercial cleaning robots help the intelligent upgrade of properties
Release time:2021/09/23

Reduce costs and increase efficiency Other commercial cleaning robots help the intelligent upgrade of properties

The rapid development of science and technology is rapidly and profoundly changing every traditional industry. In the field of property cleaning, from the fully manual era where labor is emphasized, to the semi-automated era where humans and machines work together, the addition of machines liberates humans from the simple labor of repeated machinery step by step.


Recently, its robot iScrubbot commercial cleaning robot series product-M2 pro settled in Sinopec Nanjing Engineering Co., Ltd. The cleaning area is mainly halls, office areas, floor passages, corridors, underground garages, etc.

The staff first initializes the robot and collects the scanning information into the control program. Under the control of the intelligent control program, it can automatically sense, build maps, iterate, and plan automatically, and flexibly respond to complex and changeable scenarios.

iScrubbot provides a 24V / 120ah high-capacity lithium battery for large scenes, which can provide 4-hour long-term cleaning. The highest definition scanning area is 7200 ㎡and 72L water tank, which can help the machine to clean the ground comprehensively.

For more dirt, isclubbot is equipped with two hard cleaning brush discs with power of 200 Watts each. The speed of a single brush disc can reach 3000 times per minute, high power + high speed + high intensity, which greatly ensures efficient ground cleaning.

After cleaning, the fuselage comes with fine water flow, and the cleaned ground can be cleaned twice to help the machine clean + mop in one step.

The staff of the purchaser Lotus Property said: “This time we purchased the cleaning robots of other robots. With the assistance of humans and machines, energy efficiency has been greatly improved. A robot is equivalent to the workload and work efficiency of 3-6 cleaners, which not only reduces Cost, improved quality, and increased bright spots.”


With the development of technology, “smart service” has become an emerging service format in the property industry. Sinopec Nanjing Engineering Co., Ltd. Lotus Property has incorporated intelligent cleaning robots into the “cleaning fleet”, which not only meets the owner’s demand for property services, but also implements the property’s requirements for technological innovation.


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