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  • iT-Robotics empower Lanxi Power Plant for 360-degree disinfection without dead ends
Release time:2021/09/23

iT-Robotics empower Lanxi Power Plant for 360-degree disinfection without dead ends

With the progress and development of society, people’s living standards are constantly improving. Modern people pay more attention to the quality and taste of life. During epidemic prevention, sterilization and sterilization are the primary focus, and this is also the case during non-epidemic periods. Therefore, unmanned disinfection robots are favored in the market.

The iTR spray disinfection robot will be stationed in Lanxi Power Plant in April 2021 and will be responsible for daily disinfection and sterilization of office areas and restaurants as a new employee.


By giving the robot the core technology of autonomous positioning and navigation of SLAM, the spray disinfection robot can realize the autonomous location of the working environment of the power plant, automatically identify obstacles, 360° safety protection, and can autonomously and efficiently carry out spatial elimination on the scene. It can be controlled intelligently throughout the process, and the spray size can be intelligently adjusted, which is very worry-free.

In addition to being used in power plants, other robots can be used in crowded places such as hospitals, shopping malls, airports, high-speed service areas, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, government halls, office buildings, libraries and other areas. All can achieve full coverage.


The successful use of disinfection robots can not only solve the low work efficiency in the past, but also avoid the problem of cross-infection. We are convinced that disinfection robots will be everywhere, replacing traditional disinfection work, which can save a lot of labor and capital, and thus invest Go to other constructions and make a modest contribution to our country’s economic construction.

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