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  • IT-Robotics enters the campus to escort new students
Release time:2021/09/17

IT-Robotics enters the campus to escort new students

On September 16, 2021, the School of Hotel Management of Zhejiang Tourism Institute ushered in the opening day of freshmen. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the college paid more attention to epidemic prevention work. All teachers, student volunteers, and staff must wear masks and take protective measures. IT-Robotics was invited by the academy to participate in this new school welcome event, and together bring a new experience of safe and intelligent epidemic prevention to freshmen.


The current situation of the epidemic is severe and complex. Schools, as crowded venues, especially the complex sources and high mobility of college students, make epidemic prevention and control tasks very arduous. In order to provide everyone with a safer environment for activities, IT-Robotics brought the E2 atomizing disinfection robot to the scene for demonstration and disinfection. School leaders, students, faculty and staff have come to visit and experience.

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The E2 atomizing disinfection robot is one of the robots that IT-Robotics has urgently developed and mass-produced due to the outbreak of the epidemic at the end of 2020. E2 is not only suitable for schools, but also can be widely used in places with a large flow of people and crowded people. For example, various scenes such as park factories, commercial complexes, transportation hubs, hotels, office buildings, exhibition halls, etc.

E2 uses the robot as the carrier to atomize and disinfect the air by diluting the disinfectant. According to the actual needs of users, it can independently plan the disinfection route, realize fully automatic indoor unmanned driving, and perform 360° no dead angle disinfection on the surface of the object and the air in the indoor space. Through robot disinfection, the efficiency of disinfection can be improved, and personnel contact can be reduced, and the risk of cross-infection can be reduced.

Therefore, whether in terms of capital investment or quality of disinfection, robot disinfection is the best choice for normalized epidemic prevention in the post-epidemic era.


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