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  • IT-Robotics cleaning, disinfection robot appeared in Shaoxing People’s Hospital to help science and technology epidemic prevention
Release time:2021/12/22

IT-Robotics cleaning, disinfection robot appeared in Shaoxing People’s Hospital to help science and technology epidemic prevention

In early December, the epidemic situation in many places in Zhejiang reversed. The epidemic in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing has all of a sudden become a “topic” of national concern, and the daily changes of the epidemic have touched the hearts of the whole country. Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, The State Council, the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, and with the joint efforts of cadres and the masses, zhejiang has achieved positive results in epidemic prevention and control.

However, the prevention and control of the epidemic is still at the most critical stage. The situation we face remains grim and complex, and epidemic prevention remains the top priority. Do a good job of disinfection, can effectively cut off the way of virus transmission. Therefore, scientific and efficient elimination work is a very important part of building a solid line of defense against the epidemic.

On December 22, E2 spray disinfection robot and iMOP commercial cleaning robot appeared in Shaoxing People’s Hospital, taking on the task of disinfection and epidemic prevention.


It is understood that the main operation area of the robot is in the emergency and outpatient hall, corridor and other public areas. Before the disinfection task begins, the staff should follow the hospital’s disinfection requirements. According to the proportion, add hydrogen peroxide solution, plan the disinfection route in advance. In the set area, round-the-clock sterilization operations.

640Emergency hall

640 (1)The corridor

E2 uses the robot as the carrier to independently plan the disinfection route and realize automatic indoor unmanned driving. In the form of diluting disinfection drugs, the object surface and air in the indoor space are sterilized 360° without dead Angle.


The iMOP commercial swiper robot is equipped with a spray module that can be used as a disinfectant while cleaning the floor.

640 (1)

As a special public place, hospital has the characteristics of more concentrated patients, large flow of people, complex personnel, etc., so it is particularly important to do a good job in the elimination task. This time, the use of human disinfection and scanning robot in Shaoxing People’s Hospital aims to ensure the safety of disinfection personnel and reduce the infection rate caused by spatial-temporal transmission through intelligent and efficient disinfection methods. At the same time, it provides a more safe and assured medical environment for everyone.

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