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  • IT-Robotics appeared in Ningbo airport to help epidemic prevention
Release time:2021/12/17

IT-Robotics appeared in Ningbo airport to help epidemic prevention

Ningbo Lishe International Airport recently welcomed a “special” new employee. It provides round-the-clock, no-dead Angle disinfection in the airport waiting hall and the public space of the terminal, providing a safe environment for airport passengers to travel continuously.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019, the epidemic has recurred every winter, which undoubtedly brings great challenges to the prevention and control of the epidemic. And places with dense human flow like airports often have higher requirements for disinfection operations. Disinfection, as one of the main means of virus control, will be a routine job in public places for a long time.

It is understood that as early as 2017, ningbo Airport’s annual passenger flow ranked more than 30 in China, and the throughput of inbound and outbound passenger flow accounted for more than 13%, ranking the 13th; Both inbound and outbound passenger flow accounted for more than the total number of domestic airports.


In order to help the epidemic prevention in Ningbo Airport, the ROBOT E2 spray disinfection was put into use in Ningbo Airport. According to the needs of the airport, the operation area of disinfection robot is mainly in the waiting hall, passageway and other large public areas for comprehensive and automatic disinfection work.

According to airport requirements, staff will deploy disinfection routes in advance without manual participation. The machine will be in the set time of the dense human flow of the area for disinfection operations, through the addition of hypochlorous acid and other safe and efficient disinfectant, in the form of dilute disinfection agents, the object surface of the indoor space and the air for 360 degrees without dead Angle disinfection, will be liberated from the repetitive mechanical labor.

In the process of disinfection, the robot replaces the manual operation, and fundamentally solves the infection risk of epidemic prevention personnel. Artificial disinfection is not only difficult to ensure disinfection efficiency, but also easy to cause cross infection. In addition, the disinfection operation will not be limited by time, in the morning and evening flights, when the flow of people is relatively small, the robot can also automatically start the task, to set the area of disinfection operations.

This time, its human disinfection robot was used in Ningbo Airport, which not only improves the disinfection efficiency of the airport, but also builds a safe and solid defense line for passengers to travel. In the long-term normalized stage of the epidemic, the disinfection requirements of transportation hubs, hospitals, shopping malls and other public places are becoming increasingly high, so it is particularly important to make the epidemic prevention smart and empowered by science and technology.

In the future, they will continue to exert their scientific and technological strength to consolidate the epidemic prevention achievements and erect a solid safety barrier against the epidemic.

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