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  • The Metro Group and other robots work hand in hand, and convenient travel must also be “safe”
Release time:2021/08/26

The Metro Group and other robots work hand in hand, and convenient travel must also be “safe”


Recently, a “cute” appeared in Chengdu subway station-its human robot iMOP commercial sweeping and suction robot is working in the subway station.

Clean area: platform, ticket hall

Use area: about 15000 square meters

Number of deployed units: 1

Manpower saving: 3 people

The appearance is small and cute, very eye-catching. During operation, due to the ingenious damping structure design of the structure, the brush plate can adapt to various uneven ground and keep close to the ground at all times to ensure that the ground is evenly pressed during the cleaning process, which effectively protects the ground and the brush from wear.

This sweeping and vacuuming robot has dual functions of sweeping and vacuuming and pushing dust. It is suitable for a variety of environments and is economical and efficient.

Electric adopts integrated control technology, fully automatic operation and easy operation.

It also has a good human-computer interaction interface, and you can choose to actively bypass obstacles and be polite.

Protection functions such as intelligent detection and error reporting provide comprehensive protection for operators and equipment, which is safe and reliable.

It can work for 6 hours after a single charge and clean the ground above 5000 square meters. The cleaned ground is free of hair, paper scraps, dirt, and sand, and it is all sucked into the trash can. The cleaning efficiency is 20 times that of manual cleaning.

In addition to the dust pushing function, this robot can also be equipped with an optional disinfection module. One machine for cleaning and disinfection, multiple tasks can be completed. Focus on solving the problems of tight human resources, rising costs, and low cleaning efficiency in the cleaning industry.

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