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  • Case Appreciation丨IT- Robotics Sky Group serves the town and creates a new benchmark for smart parks
Release time:2022/07/22

Case Appreciation丨IT- Robotics Sky Group serves the town and creates a new benchmark for smart parks

Wuxi Internet of Vehicles Town is the first industrial town in the country featuring the Internet of Vehicles. It is the refinement and extension of the smart transportation industry of the entire national industrial chain. It is a gathering place for big data companies and a demonstration area for innovative applications. Influential display window of the Internet of Vehicles industry.

IT- Robotics (iTR) is one of the first robot companies in the world to apply driverless technology in the field of commercial cleaning, and it is the leading enterprise in the field of low-speed driverless driving. Covering the fields of cleaning, disinfection, distribution, welcome, inspection and other fields, it has been implemented in hotels, supermarkets, office buildings, transportation hubs and other scenes.

Recently, the two parties have reached a cooperation agreement, and the town has successively introduced 12 robots in a total of 5 series to jointly create a new benchmark for smart parks.

The cleaning of the park faces many difficulties, and the construction of smart parks is an inevitable trend

As the basic unit of the city, the park is the most important population and industrial gathering area, and an important carrier for carrying industrial economic development. With the continuous deepening of industrial development and technological change, the construction of smart parks will also become an inevitable trend. Among them, smart property management is an important part of the implementation of the smart park operation system. By realizing basic scenarios such as smart cleaning, smart distribution, smart buildings, and smart security, it is conducive to promoting the sustainable development of the park and meeting the needs of more output value and innovation in the park. need.

There are various types of parks, including industrial parks, educational parks, manufacturing parks, scientific research parks, and communities. Due to its wide area, diverse building types, and complex floor materials, cleaning needs are complex and diverse. At the same time, the cleaning mode of traditional park cleaning is usually mainly manual, supplemented by traditional equipment, which often leads to low cleaning efficiency and cannot guarantee the cleaning effect.

In addition to cleaning problems, the safety of the park is also a top priority. In the context of the normalization of the epidemic, the park, as the main production and operation position of the enterprise, how to build a strong defense line against the epidemic and ensure the safety and hygiene of the park is also particularly important.

In addition to the case of this project, the national-level Jiangsu (Wuxi) Internet of Vehicles Pilot Zone is an important part of the first-phase project of the Internet of Vehicles Town. The 5,000-square-meter area showcases Wuxi’s achievements in collaborative innovation, application practice, standard guidance, and industrial cultivation, as the first pilot area of ​​the Internet of Vehicles, and has become an important display window for the city’s Internet of Vehicles industry.


Integrated solution cleaning + disinfection + distribution + inspection

IT- Robotics provides an integrated solution for the Wuxi Internet of Vehicles Town, and cooperates with five product lines to meet the needs of smart properties in indoor and outdoor scenarios in the park. The five product lines all support autonomous navigation and automatic operation, perceive the surrounding environment in multiple dimensions through sensor fusion technology, flexibly respond to dynamic and static obstacles, strictly ensure the safety of human and machine, and realize unmanned operation.

This time, there are 3 M2 Pro commercial cleaning robots, 3 W1 commercial outdoor sweeping robots, 2 E2 spray disinfection robots, 2 X1 inspection robots and 2 D4 distribution robots.

product collection

The M2 Pro mainly focuses on the washing function, and also has the functions of suction, sterilization, disinfection, and ash reduction. It can be used in medium and large indoor cleaning scenarios. The machine is equipped with high-power + high-speed + high-strength double brush discs, which greatly ensures efficient ground cleaning. The self-adaptive design squeegee can stick to the uneven ground, easily absorb the ground stains and sewage, and effectively avoid secondary pollution. The optional water supply and drainage workstation can realize automatic replenishment of water, drainage, charging, etc., to ensure the working time.

The outdoor cleaning work of the park is done by W1. W1 has super garbage handling capacity and can clean various types of garbage ranging from wood chips, cigarette butts, fallen leaves to plastic bags and beverage bottles. During operation, the front spray can effectively suppress the dust, and the specially designed four-side brush can ensure the cleaning ability of the machine on the side of the road. In terms of cleaning efficiency, W1 can clean tens of thousands of square meters of ground every day, meeting the daily road cleaning needs of the park. One W1 is capable of handling the workload of three sanitation workers.


E2 is mainly responsible for indoor disinfection operations in the park. E2 uses robots as the carrier and adopts the principle of ultrasonic atomization to sterilize microorganisms, germs and air on the surface of objects in indoor space without dead angle in 360°. Effectively reduce personnel contact and reduce the risk of cross infection. At the same time, the disinfection robot can be equipped with an elevator system to carry out autonomous elevator rides, easily realize cross-floor operations, and effectively replace manpower to complete the disinfection operation of the entire building.


The “contactless service” arising from the epidemic has gradually brought distribution robots into the public’s field of vision. D4 is used for the distribution of indoor items in the park, and can independently complete the point-to-point distribution of materials, takeaways and other items in the park. The user only needs to select the destination on the touch screen, and then put the item in, and the delivery robot will independently plan the optimal route, avoid obstacles in real time, and reach the destination safely and quickly. The use of D4 can effectively alleviate the difficulty of insufficient personnel in the park and reduce the risk of infection caused by personnel contact.

delivery robot

X1 is used for outdoor inspection work in the park, and the addition of inspection robots provides guarantees for the safety and real-time monitoring of the park. Realize 24-hour uninterrupted patrols, improve the efficiency of inspection operations, and ensure the safety of the park around the clock.

Inspection robot

Relying on the integrated solution of smart property with IT- Robotics (iTR), the town of the Internet of Vehicles has realized intelligent cleaning, inspection, disinfection and distribution. The APP and cloud platform enable managers to schedule robots according to their needs, and can view the running status of robots in real time, and visualize data reports such as task scheduling, operation efficiency, and energy consumption. The digitalization of property management adapts to the concept of modern industrial parks being customer-centric, empowering property services with technological means, and creating an intelligent, safe, comfortable, convenient and environmentally friendly working environment.

In the future, IT- Robotics will also rely on its own technical advantages to continuously penetrate into user scenarios, improve product application capabilities and the fit of user scenarios, expand solution capabilities and levels, and provide more complete solutions for various industries.

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