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  • Avatar elimination guard, IT- Robotics Spray disinfection robot, UV disinfection robot hand in hand appeared in Hangzhou City
Release time:2022/03/23

Avatar elimination guard, IT- Robotics Spray disinfection robot, UV disinfection robot hand in hand appeared in Hangzhou City

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, in order to achieve better epidemic prevention effects, many property companies have been constantly exploring breakthroughs in epidemic prevention measures, using digital and technological means to actively carry out various epidemic prevention work. “Contactless service” is gradually emerging, and Intelligent service robots such as disinfection, cleaning and security are entering people’s vision.

In the post-epidemic era, disinfection and epidemic prevention in public places is still a regular measure that cannot be ignored. The daily disinfection work of robot, like cleaning and security, is an important part of intelligent property management.

Recently, IT- Robotics Spray disinfection robot, UV disinfection robot hand in hand appeared in Hangzhou City, shoulder the important task of disinfection and epidemic prevention.

Spray disinfection robot, UV disinfection robot

It is understood that the MAIN operation area of the IT- Robotics disinfection robot is the hall, corridor, restaurant and other public areas. In order to achieve high efficiency and non-dead Angle disinfection, E2 spray disinfection robot is used for safe environment disinfection in daytime, E1 UV disinfection robot is used for disinfection in unmanned hours at night. The spray disinfection robot and UV disinfection robot work closely together to effectively combat novel coronavirus.

Spray disinfection robot1

According to the needs of the staff, planning the disinfection path in advance. Before the disinfection task begins, can add the proportion of completed hypochlorous acid, 84, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and other disinfectants. E2 takes the robot as the carrier, dilutes the disinfection agent, and then atomizes by ultrasonic to form 2-5 μm tiny particles. It can sterilize microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and air on the surface of indoor space at a 360° non-dead Angle with 3000mL/h super-large atomization volume, effectively reducing the chance of infection due to space-time transmission.

At the same time, E2 spray disinfection robot can also adjust the amount of fog according to the needs of users, to adapt to the needs of different scenes.

Spray disinfection robot

E1 UV disinfection robot is equipped with six non-ozone ultraviolet lamps, which can achieve 99.999% inactivation rate of bacteria by emitting 254nm UV-C ultraviolet radiation with 360° full coverage.

UV disinfection robot

In addition,E1 UV disinfection robot is also equipped with human infrared sensor, when there is biological intrusion, the robot will automatically shut down ultraviolet light, stop disinfection work, to leave automatically continue to work, protect personnel to avoid ultraviolet damage.

UV disinfection robot 1

IT- Robotics disinfection robot can carry out autonomous mobile multi-point disinfection, meeting the requirements of automatic, timing, efficient and accurate disinfection and epidemic prevention in complex scenes. At the same time, can be equipped with automatic ladder system according to the demand, to achieve cross-floor operation. Low battery, also can automatically return to charge, easy to achieve unlimited endurance.

The use of disinfection robot makes up for the shortage of traditional manual disinfection, and at the same time reduces manual contact and effectively reduces the risk of cross infection.

In the future, IT- Robotics will also give full play to its product advantages, do a good job in cleaning, disinfection, security and other fields, and help the intelligent upgrade of smart property system.

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