Intelligent cleaning engineering supplier

Study the technical engineering content of robot structure, program design, application development, operation management, etc., and carry out the design, installation and modification of robot workstations to improve production efficiency.


Automation and unmanned system technology

Under the multiple impetus of the continuous improvement of manufacturing precision and efficiency requirements, intelligence and automation have become a trend. Robots and automation equipment are in strong demand, and they have become irreplaceable important equipment and methods in advanced manufacturing. Robots are also widely used in mechanical processing.

Smart system

Robots are the perfect combination of artificial intelligence and robotics

With the advancement of artificial intelligence and robotics technology, intelligent robots will play an increasingly important role in the fields of industrial production, household services, public safety, etc., and are "the jewel at the top of the manufacturing crown." Intelligent system involves fields: robot mechanism and platform, motion control, intelligent perception, navigation and positioning, collaborative control, human-computer interaction, etc.

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    Invention patent
  • 20 20 +
    Software copyright
  • 4000 4000 +
    Safe operation time (h)
  • 500 500 +
    Cleaning site area (km²)

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In terms of globalization, iTR has branches in Nanjing, Wuhu, and Changshu.
There are online service stores in Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shenyang, Singapore and Montreal.
To provide customers with comprehensive and meticulous service is our aim.
Smart system
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