A variety of functional products to achieve a variety of scene experience

As one of the professional commercial robot solution providers, the company continues to launch multi-functional products with stable and reliable performance, strong environmental adaptability and high cost performance. In terms of Smart Property ecosystem business based on robot application, the company provides robot products from solutions to various property forms, including professional products such as cleaning, disinfection, concierge, security, connection and logistics. Product applications are diversified, including industrial parks, factories, office buildings, commercial complexes, transportation hubs, logistics warehouses, hotels, medical institutions, schools, sports venues and other scenes, so as to meet customers' various scene experiences.


A number of core technologies lead new standards

The company has a comprehensive grasp of the whole chain technology core of low-speed unmanned driving from the underlying algorithm to product engineering, and has fully independent intellectual property rights of relevant core technologies. In the technical fields involved in robots, such as navigation and positioning, path planning, man-machine interface, vision system, sensors and intelligent control, the company adheres to independent research and development and independent production, with a high degree of localization of parts and components, so as to comprehensively improve the competitiveness of products!


Services deliver value and create diversified value-added services

Adhering to the concept of "serving others and achieving others", the company formulates and implements a perfect one-stop service mechanism before, during and after sales × 24h positive response; Always adhere to customer demand as the center, recommend required products and solutions for customers, provide professional operation and maintenance services, and strive for maximum value for customers while saving and reassuring customers.
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    Invention patent
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    Safe operation time (h)
  • 500 500 +
    Cleaning site area (km²)

Connect Talent and development

Stimulate vitality and boost growth

Business Scope

In terms of globalization, iTR has branches in Nanjing, Wuhu, and Changshu.
There are online service stores in Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shenyang, Singapore and Montreal.
To provide customers with comprehensive and meticulous service is our aim.
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